2013 Project365 (Day 120)

The pleasures of living in GuernseyThis morning The Mister and The Little Mister and I met up with my Mum and my niece and nephew at the beach today.

The wind was cold but it was a beautiful day. Living so near such beautiful beaches is just one of the advantages of living on this little island and we are trying to take every opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures.

2013 Project365 (Day 119)

The islandsThis afternoon The Little Mister and I went for a coffee with my friend Rachael and her gorgeous daughter who is a few weeks older than The Little Mister.

The strange thing is that Rachael and I were at school together and whilst we knew each other we weren’t especially good friends. Fate has now intervened and we find ourselves at similar points in our lives in terms of having children which is lovely.

So, this afternoon we sat and chewed the fat, drank coffee, nursed our babies and gazed at this glorious view.

Yeah, the simple pleasures of life are pretty spectacular these days.

2013 Project365 (Day 118)

Home grownThis afternoon The Little Mister and I went to a local garden centre to buy a small watering can

We came away with a watering can, lavender plants, rosemary, chives, tomato plants and a hose attachment. It was an expensive watering can!

This photo shows my bean plants growing nicely on my window ledge. It’s lovely to be able to eat our home-grown veg and hopefully we will get a decent crop.

2013 Project365 (Day 117)

Gardening with GrandpaTonight my niece and nephew are staying with their grandparents.

This afternoon I watched them ‘helping’ Grandpa in the garden. This usually means digging for worms in the vegetable patch or, as is pictured here, hacking at some rotting wood with a trowel. There is such pleasure for them in just being with Grandpa and now he is starting to reduce his working hours he has more time with them.

I can’t wait until our Little Mister is also out enjoying the fun with them.

2013 Project365 (Day 114)

Guernsey cowsToday was one of those grey, foggy and damp days on the island. Planes were delayed, if indeed they managed to get in at all and the whole island felt quite peaceful and still.

The Little Mister and I went for a lovely walk this morning with the destination of a beach cafe for lunch. Our route to get there was extremely circuitous, largely because I got lost. We ended up walking down some tiny little lanes and ended up walking past a farm with a whole load of beautiful Guernsey cows. The lady there was quite happy for me to pop in and take some photos.

Such lovely creatures with deep brown eyes and inquisitive temperaments. I have to admit to having a certain fondness for the lovely Guernsey cows!

2013 Project365 (Day 113)

Sausmarez ParkI have had a really lovely day today. The weather has been beautiful and we have been out and about.

This afternoon The Little Mister and I went to the park to meet with the Ladies and babies. We did a couple of laps around the park and then we drank coffee. The park is looking gorgeous and the flowers are blooming. The building in the background is St John’s Residential Home.

The only downside of the beautiful weather is that we have realised just how fair The Little Mister is. He has a rather red face today and I feel like a bad mother for not realising the sun was warm enough to burn him. i am sure he will be ok.

2013 Project365 (Day 112)

Desert Island DiscsI am spending quite a lot of time out walking with The Little Mister these days and whilst I am walking I very often listen to a Desert Island Disc podcasts. I love them and listen to a complete variety of castaways and inevitably hear something new and different.

It started me thinking about what I would have a for my own 8 discs should I be castaway onto an desert island and this is what I came up with. I know that some of them are my favourite songs just at the moment but others would be there whether you asked me now or in 10 years time.

1. Nimrod by Elgar from the Enigma Variations
2. Gabriel’s Oboe by Ennio Morricone
3. Make You Feel My Love by Adele (original song by Bob Dylan)
4. Blackbird by The Beatles
5. The Hallelujah Chorus by Handel from The Messiah
6. Sweetest Angel by Jonatha Brooke
7. Sleepless Night by Fernando Ortega
8. Silent Night

I reckon I have a few things to sing to, a few to cry to and several to stir my soul.