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2013 Project365 (Day 97)

ThanksgivingToday we had a really lovely day as it was The Little Mister’s thanksgiving service. We decided not to have him baptised but wanted to have a little service to say thankyou to God for him and welcome him into the Christian church.

Lots of our family attended which was really special for us and we were thrilled that they could share our day with us. Also my Uncle Nick was able to do the service as he is a Bishop in Argentina and was over visiting for a few days. Today’s picture is of part of the service and obviously wasn’t taken by me. My Auntie Karen sent it to me and she also does photo of the day and she blips over here.

Here is also a bonus picture as I just love this photo of my beautiful boy. He is also wearing the most awesome tank top ever!
Gorgeous boy

Peterson and the Archbishop of Wales

DSCN5039OK, now I am home and almost unpacked, I feel that I just might be also be able to unpack a little of my head-space.

Going to the Lambeth Conference was undoubtedly an unexpected pleasure. I would never in a million of years have expected to be able to go, not least because in many ways it didn’t interest me in the slightest. However, having decided to tag along with Peterson (I was even asked by someone if I was his minder!! Do I look that butch?) I was curious to see what it was like. As a member of the public it is possible to wander around the campus with any students who are left, to watch the Bishops and their spouses coming and going, and to look around the Market Place tent. There were stands selling gorgeous outfits for the clergy right next to stands promoting right for LGBT folks. It was an interesting mix to say the least.

Peterson performed shows in Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The one on Thursday was particularly interesting as BBC Wales were filming a documentary or something about Dr Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales. Peterson’s performance was fab, but what was especially moving was that at the end of the show the archbishop gave the most wonderfully affirming comments to Peterson. It was very moving to hear him talk about how he was surprised that Peterson had maintained any kind of faith after going through such difficult things, and to hear him congratulate him and encourage him in his work.

It seems to me that having hung around and watched the comings and goings at Lambeth there was so much expectation on it being a big deal and that there were going to be fireworks happening all over the place. The sense I got from the people I spoke to is that there has been a lot of relationship building going on and much of this has happened through spending time talking and in what they called the Indaba groups. Apparently Indaba is “a Zulu word for a gathering for purposeful discussion. It is both a process and method of engagement as we listen to one another concerning challenges that face our community and by extension the Anglican Communion.”

Whilst I am not sure that any resolution was reached there was a definite sense of hope floating around. Of course, that may be my wishful thinking, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

(The picture is actually Peterson with the Archbishop of Canterbury Christmas tree ornament, but I thought it was kind of funny!!)

The Lambeth Butterflies

Well, I thought I would take a brief interlude away from the Dame of Sark, and tell you about happenings in Lambeth.

I travelled down here with Peterson on Tuesday. A journey which was both straightforward and eventful. On the way down he decided to phone in Jeni Barnett at LBC radio station. She loved him of course. He is such a media whore.

Anyway, whilst down here I am staying with Tractor Girl and Third Party which is lovely.

OK, I can officially say, the Lambeth Conference is a bit weird. Admittedly I am not important enough to go anywhere useful, but there is something strange about seeing so many purple-shirted people wandering about in the same place. They seem very nice, but they look like purple butterflies fluttering around. It’s like being in a butterfly-world type of thing. You know these rare creatures exist, but to see them all together in one place is quite strange.

The other thing that amused me was that there is almost like a bishoply shopping centre here and one of the things that excited me is the beautiful textiles that you can buy. I am such an anorak when it comes to it. I even asked if I could take photos because I thought the colours were so pretty. I am terribly shallow you see!


Anyway, I am very tired at the moment but having fun. Meeting lots of lovely new people, like the lovely William Crawley. We entertained ourselves for a while yesterday, along with Tractor Girl, and Peterson, drinking wine, sharing stories, and in William and my case, a little spot of shopping!!

Anyway, I must rush on. I have to go and collect His Ladyship before he engages in a little more media-whoring.

Ps) For full reports of Peterson’s shows, follow the links to his blog and enjoy 🙂


Fellowship Roses Sometimes you just get a day when you feel gratful for all the things you have. Today has been one of those days. Things are so different to this time last year, and having both a blog and a personal diary has meant I have been able to recognise how much things have changed for me. This time last year I was practically going into meltdown over the fact that my sister was getting married again. This year, whilst I still don’t like being alone, I am feeling way more content than I thought was possible.

This morning I was sitting in church just watching what was going on around me. The fact that I have found a church in which I feel both comfortable and welcome still surprises me. I was thinking a bit about what this really means and it seems to me that because it is an Anglican parish church their focus on community is really strong and that is a major draw for me. They have several events coming up in the next few months such as a kids club, being part of the local community fete-type thing, an afternoon tea in aid of the hospice as well as a major building project to make the building more suitable for the needs of the church community. It also struck me that the monthly prayer diary which was given out today for July included praying for the other churches in the area, as well as local schools, the organisers of worship, kids club, and anyone getting married. They also had on the list local shopkeepers and the people who run the local post office. A church truly at the centre of the local community.

Things can truly change in a year and the last 12 months have been pretty momentous for me in so many ways. Not least, my friends have stuck by me through my wailing and ranting and the majority have waited patiently for me to pull myself together. This blog has also been really important to me and has enabled me to express my feelings honestly and openly and get feedback. So, a big thank you to everyone who has helped me through… I am sure it will take a down-turn sometime but, for now, life is good.