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2013 Project365 (Day 125)

Bubbly babeThe Little Mister loves his baths and he is shaping up to be a real water baby.

Most days The Mister will bathe him and I can hear him chatting away and The Little Mister giggling and screeching with pleasure. It’s just delightful.

The Little Mister has been enrolled in swimming lessons starting in September, but we are going for a holiday in Jersey in a few weeks so we will see if the hotel swimming pool is warm enough for him. I am not sure he will like the cold but I think he will love the water!

2013 Project365 (Day 82)

Water babyThe Little Mister loves the water and thoroughly enjoys bathtime, especially when Daddy is supervising! He kicks hard and propels himself up and down the bath. We have given up with the little baby bath or any support as he just likes lying flat on his back and kicking away.

I can’t wait until he starts swimming lessons in September, well he will start if I ever remember to fill in the forms which I have lost again. I must remember to go and get a replacement!

I had swimming lessons as a child and I think it is so important for kids to be able to swim, especially living over here.

Let’s hope he copes as well in the cold water of a swimming pool as he does in a nice warm bath!

2012 Project365 (Day 241)

The Roman BathsWe are staying a couple of night in Bath at the rather lovely 77 Great Pultney street. It is a small B&B with just one room they rent out and it right in the centre of Bath. We found it through the Alistair Sawdays website which always comes up with some real treats for unusual accommodation. Our hosts Ian and Henry are fantastic and we had one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Delicious.

I was hoping for a gloriously sunny day so we could go out exploring and what we have had is persistent rain which has been a bit disappointing. We went to visit the Roman Baths which is just fantastic. Not cheap to get in but well worth a visit. I tried really hard to imagine all the Romans who might have passed over the courtyards and through the baths. I love this picture which shows the Baths with the Abbey in the background. They are literally next to each other!

We also went to visit the Jane Austen Centre which was OK and moderately interesting. The Mister described it as being a bit like like the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester which I blogged about here. The Jane Austen Centre wasn’t that bad, but it contained very little that had much to do with Jane Austen other than it was “of the period”. Still, it got us out of the rain!

We also went to Bath Abbey which is lovely and has some beautiful textiles on display at the moment. Happily we also did some shopping before I collapsed back at the B&B for a rest before we go out for a curry tonight.

It has been lovely to have a couple of days to ourselves before we return home. It is all looking good to be in court on Tuesday so hopefully by this time next week we should have a house. Fingers crossed!