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2012 Project365 (Day 278)

Not again!A lovely day which included Sunday lunch followed by a brief walk on the beach. I love the beach at this time of year, especially as dogs are now allowed back on them. On a fine day the beaches are full of locals making the most of the mild weather and enjoying the scenery.

However, my usually cheerful niece has continued to be not massively well and therefore the grumpiest little madam on the face on the planet. She is like velcro girl and insists on being carried by ‘Mummmmmmeeeeeeeeee’. This is my sister’s face when the screeching started. I think it may have just summed up the whole of the weekend for her. Poor girl!

2012 Project365 (Day 232)

PaddlingOnce again today it rained in the morning and then cleared up beautifully by lunchtime. We went to the really lovely beach at Nicholaston which is a fabulous long beach with some dramatic cliffs. Unfortunately it is a steep walk down there and a nightmare walk back up because you have to cross a sand-dune which is pretty hard on the legs. I am blaming it on being nearly 6 months pregnant but I suspect it is because I am very unfit!

This is my lovely godson who enjoyed the water, until it splashed him in his face anyway!

2012 Project365 (Day 230)

Eh?Got up at 9ish and had a massive breakfast before driving the half an hour to the campsite where we met up with Pants and Alien. We are staying at Nicholaston Farm and it is absolutely beautiful.

The main problem today is that I have been unbelievably tired and hormonal and therefore grumpy. I hate feeling like this because my tolerance for anything is minimal at the moment!

The Mister went off down to the beach for a wander Nicholaston Beach and found this brick. No idea why it was there but I thought it was a nice picture!

2012 Project365 (Day 224)

Cobo swimmingIt has been a lovely the day. I decided not to go to church today as I wanted to watch the men’s Olympic marathon as a Guernsey boy Lee Merrien was running. He did really well.

This afternoon we had a barbecue and then The Mister and I went to Cobo beach for a swim. The sea was crystal clear but quite chilly and it was lovely. Perfect. Shame I have to go back to work tomorrow… only 4.5 days this week though and then we go on holiday. Yay!

2012 Project365 (Day 204)

Sunset swimmingIt has been the most glorious day today. Hot and sunny, and sadly I was at work. The Mister was working until 8pm and then we hot footed it down to the beach for a swim. Getting in was absolutely freezing, but once I had got over the cold it was absolutely lovely. We probably stayed in the sea for about 20 minutes.

Swimming under the most beautiful sunset is definitely one of the things that makes living in Guernsey wonderful.

2012 Project365 (Day 180)

29 June 2012 We slept really badly last night. The wind was so strong that it made our rather ancient tent rattle around which kept The Mister awake. What kept me awake was the inconsiderate wankers camping next to us who thought that it was appropriate to play the guitar and violin and sing badly at 2am.

However, my cousin and his wife arrived to help entertain us and we took a lovely walk down to Dixcart Bay. It is a gorgeous walk through shaded ancient looking woodland down a steep path. It was nice going down but a but of a puff on the way back up!

2012 Project365 (Day 174)

Guernsey Sand RacingThis morning the in-laws and I went to the Farmer’s Market as The Mister was working. This afternoon however we did something distinctly different and we all went to Vazon beach to watch the sand racing.

This week it was motorbikes and bikes and sidecars and is it completely mental, especially the bikes and sidecars. Any event that treats a human body as ballast cannot be a good thing! They fling themselves around the corners and it is completely nuts to watch but it is really fun. There was quite a lot of people there and the weather was lovely.

When I was younger we regularly used to go as a family to watch the sandracing, often with my Uncle Steve and his family. Today I caught a whiff of the petrol and the sea and it took me right back to being a child again. I’d forgotten how quickly a certain smell can transport one back to a time or a place. Amazing.

2012 Project365 (Day 170)

Cobo BayI have had a very busy day today as I have been on training. Tonight I feel slightly braindead and I am not sure I will make much sense!

The nice end to the day is that my in-laws are over visiting for a week so after we had picked them up from the airport we took a drive back around the coast, stopping to take a few photos of the gorgeous sunset. As ever this is of Cobo Bay. You just can’t beat it!

We bumped into my Auntie Karen at the beach taking a photo. She is doing the Blipfoto thing which is a bit similar to the 365project. I wonder if she will post her photo of the beach too… you can see her Blipfoto project here.

2012 Project365 (Day 147)

The Mister and his PosseWe have had a busy day, starting with a little bit of photography at Yasmin’s Studio. Then we put up our small tent and waterproofed it as we are off to Sark Folk Festival in a few weeks (I can’t wait!!)

This afternoon we went to the beach with my sister and our niece and nephew, Eden and Barnabas. I have to admit that living back in Guernsey is bliss at times! The ability to go to the beach on a nice day and to sit there and watch the world go by is just lovely. My relationship with my sister has improved immensely since we moved home and it is just a pleasure to be here. I know that sounds smug, but it was a massive decision to move back here and it is lovely to feel like it is paying off!

Tonight The Mister and I are going to see a comedian, Rufus Hound which I am looking forward to. A perfect end to a perfect day!