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2013 Project365 (Day 58)

Birthday girlToday our awesome niece Eden is two years old.

She is one of the most entertaining two year olds I have ever met. She is feisty, determined and stubborn but loving, chatty and charming too and life would definitely be less splendid without her!

Eden’s parents bought her this fantastic kitchen for her birthday and The Mister and I gave her some pots and pans to go with it. The Little Mister gave her wooden vegetables. Toys like these are brilliant for creative play and I love to see kids using their imaginations in their play.

So my darling Eden, Happy Birthday. Stay amazing, feisty and determined because we love you like that!

2013 Project365 (Day 43)

Birthday girlToday The Little Mister and I went to my cousin’s daughter’s (got that? fairly typical explanation of my relations!) first birthday party. She was one today and she is a real poppet.

There were loads of kids there and Barnabas and Eden managed to eat reasonable quantity of sandwiches before we had to leave.

Sue had made (well I think she made it!) this brilliant ladybird cake which was also delicious.

2013 Project365 (Day 5)

Birthday boyToday is my Dad’s 65th birthday. He is officially a pensioner (as he keeps reminding us) and now has the additional income of both a pension, and paying reduced stamps (as he keeps reminding us). He intends to spend his additional cash on more holidays (as he keeps telling us!)

My Dad is absolutely brilliant and he has been so supportive to us, not only has he let us live with them for 18 months but he and Mum have supported us financially and practically to buy and renovate our house. I am massively indebted to him and whilst he is a terrible tease and tells terrible jokes I love him very much. My life would be infinitely poorer without my Dad around.

We had a family lunch at home and Mum made loads of yummy sandwiches and I made some nice little cakes. A low key day, but at his age he shouldn’t get too excited!

2012 Project365 (Day 136)

Happy birthday MumToday is my lovely Mum’s birthday. It goes without saying that she is the most brilliant Mum in existence (yes she will read this!) and I hope she had a lovely day.

Tonight The Mister and Mum and Dad and I went to our local pub for a meal. We sat and looked out at the gorgeous setting sun over the rough sea and we were grateful for living on such a beautiful island. As always the food was marvellous and Mum managed to drink a whole pint of cider and walk home in a straight line. Result!

Happy birthday Mum. We love you!

2012 Project365 (Day 57)

EdenTomorrow is our niece Eden’s first birthday. She had a little birthday party this afternoon so The Mister and I popped up to see her, although we didn’t take her birthday present which is a fabulous Wendy House. Mum has decreed that it will live at their house so we decided to leave it there!

I love this photo my Eden and my sister. I had so many gorgeous photos to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down!

So, Happy Birthday for tomorrow Eden. You are truly entertaining and The Mister and I love you very much!

2012 Project365 (Day 53)

Auntie Jen & Auntie JosieCakes, cakes, cakes!Well, today you get a bonus of two photographs!

Today it is my Auntie Jen and Auntie Josie’s birthday. Obviously they are twins and they reached the grand age of 70 (shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!) So they had an afternoon tea and cake party and lots of people dropped in.

My Mum had made them a fruit cake which had a picture of the twins when they were little on the top. It was a delicious cake but weighed an absolute tonne! In this picture it looks slightly as though Auntie Josie has a curvature of the spine. She hasn’t, but she was holding the majority of the weight of the cake!

I have to admit that the diet seriously went out of the window. This second photograph should show how many different cakes there were. I kind of cruised my way down the table trying a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Oh dear. Diet disaster, but it was delicious!

Happy Birthday Mister!

On Saturday my lovely gorgeous husband hit the grand old age of 30. We went to his parents for the weekend as it was also his Mum’s birthday the day after.

I haven’t really bought him much yet, I will wait and find something he actually wants, but I did buy him a magnificent plane cake!

Here are a few pics of the weekend, including one of Lucy, the very spoilt cat who now rules the in laws house!




Well our lovely nephew Barnabas is one year old today. He is so gorgeous and a real little pickle and I miss him loads.

The pain of not having children certainly hasn’t receded with him coming along, in fact in many ways it has made that pain more intense and more pronounced as I can see just what I am missing out on. Not knowing if we will ever get that experience is pretty hard to deal with. However, I certainly wouldn’t miss out on having Barnabas around. he is a complete joy and great fun and I can’t wait to see him again!!

We bought Barnabas a big present but I couldn’t resist making him something (boys are so hard to make for!) so I made him some little aprons which I thought he might be able to use when he is painting or colouring or cooking with Granny. Here’s a pic!