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Happy Birthday to me…. and why I am a dwarf!

Yesterday was a fun day because it was my birthday and I was 21 again. In the morning I sat in the kitchen and waited for people to visit me, which they did. In the afternoon The Mister and I went out for a nice walk aroud the coast. We walked up to Fort Hommet and explored all the way around the fortifications. We also found a big cave which has been created through the sea eroding part of the rocks. Admittedly we had to walk around the fenced off area to look at it but that’s besides the point!! According to one of the information boards by the fortifications there is a legend that there is a fairy cave at Fort Hommet and apparently the fairy men came out from the fairy underworld and had babies with the Guernsey women…. which is why many Guernsey folk are short in stature. The Mister thinks this explains a lot.


In the evening The Mister and I went out for dinner to Le Petit Bistro with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. Really nice meal to round off a fab day.