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2013 Project365 (Day 64)

Solo boatToday The Little Mister and I met up with some friend from ante-natal and post-natal classes. It is always nice to meet up with other people with babies the same sort of age.

It was such a gorgeous day that we decided to park a bit further around the coast and walk to the coffee shop. It was lovely and sunny and it felt like Spring is imminent. This little boat caught my attention, it was bobbing away on a beautifully calm sea. Lovely.

2012 Project365 (Day 242)

Back homeAfter another fantastic breakfast The Mister and I drove from Bath to Poole to get the boat home.

We have had a wonderful holiday and have enjoyed spending time with each other, as well as friends and Greenbelt was as fantastic as ever, despite the weather!

The boat home was pretty rocky and vomit-inducing. I have to admit that the staff on the boat were brilliant at making sure that everyone was OK.

So, home and back to real life. It looks like the house will be going through next week (at last!) so we will have a lot to keep us occupied!

2012 Project365 (Day 143)

Le Villocq LassI have noticed a few of these little boats springing up throughout the parish. They must be pretty recent and have been planted up with some lovely plants and I expect as they grow a bit they will look even better. They also have names on the back, this one is called ‘Villocq Lass’. I am hoping that it is all decorated nicely for the Queen’s Jubilee and I think it is rather nice.