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2012 Project365 (Day 210)

Camping prepIn just a few weeks (and it really can’t come soon enough!) The Mister and I will be off on holiday for a couple of weeks. We will be camping in Wales with friends, followed by Greenbelt and then a couple of days on our own in Bath.

So we decided today that we should get the ginormous tent out and check that it is still OK and there are no nasty surprises. I can’t think of anything worse than getting to our campsite and find out that there is a rip or we have forgotten the poles!

2012 Project365 (Day 179)

28 June 2012Today we travelled to Sark, one of the smallest and definitely one of the most beautiful of the Channel Islands. Just three miles long and a mile and a half wide it seems to tower out of the sea as you arrive by boat and The Mister commented that it reminded him of Jurassic Park. Not to mention that when we got the boat there it was quite foggy and I seriously expected the Black Pearl from The Pirates of The Caribbean to come sailing out.

We were in Sark for Sark Folk Festival. We have never been before so it is a new experience!

We arrived a day early though and did some exploring. The house in this picture is called Beau Sejour and I believe that Gran Nora lived there with Grandpa during the Occupation when she worked as a nurse on the island. There was a small exhibition about the Occupation in Sark so we went to see if there was any information. There was only a little bit, mainly a comment that she gave birth to twins whilst living there!

So, Sark is beautiful, windy and very, very dark at night. It is essential to take a torch!

2012 Project365 (Day 159)

The DandyThis is a photograph of the “Dandy”. It is basically a collapsible caravan and it is my parents’ pride and joy. Many happy holidays have been spent in this plastic 70’s kit-caravan.

In fact the Dandy has rather a cult following and there is an owners club. I know it looks like quite an odd contraption but there is something quite appealing about it when it is unfolded and suddenly you have three double beds, or two double beds and a table and chairs, as well as a cooker, sink and wardrobe. There is a surprising amount of room in this rather ugly little creation.

We spent many happy weeks touring through France, sitting next to rivers, barbecuing and drinking wine. The pleasure of being able to set up camp within 10 minutes is pretty good when you watch other people struggling with their tents an hour in (although these days The Mister and I have got putting up a giant tent down to a fine art!)

I suspect my love of camping is partly down to holidays in the Dandy. Being outdoors if generally what makes me happy, but I do need to have a decent bed!!

Dorset – August 2011

After we had been in Dartmoor on our own for a week we were just about ready for a bit more company, so we travelled to Oathill Farm Campsite near Lyme Regos on the Jurassic Coast where we joined up with Pants and Alien, birdie and family, and Tom and Anne and the boys. Suddenly there was a massive group of us!

The campsite was fabulous, we had a field at the bottom where we put up all our tents and our giant gazebo which we used as a kitchen and lounge area – very useful as it rained such a lot! The site had the cleanest facilities I have ever seen, as well as a little shop and a tearoom serving awesome cream teas and an amazing Sunday roast.

We went out to a lots of differnet places including the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester (which is absolutely shit so save your money!!!), Lyme Regis, Charmouth where some of the group went fossilling and Haynes Motor Museum. The only downside to the week was that the weather was really changeable and we had quite a bit of rain.

However, we had a fantastic week. It was bliss to spend time with people who we get on with and the kids, in general, played well together.

Pics… on Flickr and a few here…



Dartmoor – August 2011

Well, my blogging is well and truly behind. There has just been so much going that it has been quite hard to take a breath and do anything. So here are a few recap posts….

The Mister and I went camping in Dartmoor at the beginning of August. We had had a really busy few weeks moving all our stuff to Guernsey so it was blissful to spend a few days on our own chilling out, reading and sleeping. We stayed at Langstone Manor Holiday Park which was near Tavistock. The campsite was beautiful, gorgeous grounds and the added bonus was that there was a pub onsite. Very useful when the weather was a bit rubbish.

We did lots of driving and visits out during this week – we went to Plymouth, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, had the best ever cream tea at Badgers Holt Tearoom, Morewellham Quay and climbed Sheep Tor on Dartmoor.

Here are a few pictures. Click through to Flickr to see more…


On holiday!

Hello all. I am sorry for my absence but I am on an extended holiday with The Mister. So far we have been to Guernsey to drop all the stuff off, been camping on Dartmoor, spent 10 days camping with lots of friends in Dorset and stayed a few days at a friends house in Devon. We are now in a hotel for one night before going to Greenbelt tomorrow.

We have had a lovely time but feeling a bit knackered. Will be back soon with plenty of photos!!! xxxx

Camping with the sheep and the mud

Well before Greenbelt The Mister and I decided to take a little camping trip with our friend Tom and Anne and their terrible trio of boys, Matthew, Andrew and Mark. We went to the very beautiful campsite of Nantcol Waterfalls in Llanbedr. It was beautiful, if a little soggy. Tom and Anne were there a couple of days before us and they were in a massive downpour and ended up taking all their stuff to the launderette. Anyway, the site was yum and the owners were really helpful!

P1040693.JPGWe did lots of things whilst we were there. We wandered and drank lots of coffee and wine. We took in the beautiful scenery and ate cake. The Mister and Tom walked up Snowdon, whilst Anne and I took the more sensible option with the boys and go the train up. The views are just totally stunning, except when we got to the top and it was foggy! We went to Harlech Castle with Paul’s Mum (Hi Beryl!!) and her friend Doreen who came to visit us for the day. There is so much to do in the area… we could have easily spent 2 weeks there.

P1040870.JPGOne of my favourite things though was going to the local agricultural show. They had lots of horses being shown, including some beautiful Shire Horses and some really dinky ponies with their equally dinky owners. The bestest bit thought was all the sheep!! I love sheep – they have such cute faces, nice flicky tails and are really funny. There was a sheep shearing competition and I ended up standing next to a local woman who gave me a running commentary on what they were doing, but also who was related to who. She was fun and it was amusing to get the gossip about who was who.

Anyway, we had a brilliant holiday… and here are the pics!!!!




Well people I am going to disappear for a couple of weeks. We are off camping today for a few days and then off to Greenbelt for Bank Holiday weekend. I can’t wait, even thought the weather report is pretty dire!

So. see you when I get back, when I will undoubtedly have lots of photos to share!!!

Camping in Yorkshire

Well last week was fabulous! The Mister and I went with a whole bunch of people to Wyse House Farm Campsite near Malton.

When The Mister and I arrived on Sunday it was blowing a gale and the tent which usually takes us about 15 minutes to put up took us over 2 hours. We managed to crack one pole really badly (I can recommend Tenacious Tape for this!) and being inside the tent was like being inside a tumble drier. It was horrendous.

P1030812On Monday we woke to a beautiful sunny day and awaited the arrival of everyone else. Over the next few hours Tom and Anne and their boys arrived along with pants and Alien and the birdie family. We also erected a ginormous gazebo which proved to be brilliant at keeping the shade off us as well as a bit of rain. More people arrived later in the week, although I think the most we got to at any one time was seven adults and six children.

Rather typically it rained on the Tuesday so we went to the Yorkshire Air Museum where unsurprisingly we looked at planes. The little boys were happy and the big boys were even happier.

P1030877The rest of the week provided beautiful weather and on Wednesday we trailed off to Eden Camp. It was such a hot day that we even spent time shade-seeking which seems ridiculous in the UK! I last went to Eden Camp over 20 years ago when they were just developing it. It was a work camp during the Second World War and the musuem is contained within the huts that the prisoners used to live in. They also have built an assault course so the kids spent some time running off their energy, but to be honest they were just as happy having running races between the huts.

Unfortunately we seemed to have a nasty bug sweeping through out campsite and pants and I managed to pick up this bug and seemed to spent much of Wednesday night sitting on the toilets. I felt rubbish all day Thursday and only managed to start feeling better after eating nearly a whole packet of Immodium! So Thursday was a bit of a write off. Pants and Alien had to go home but everyone else just stayed on the campsite, the children went on the trampoline and ran about like lunatics, as well as playing with water pistols that birdie acquired for them. Of course this meant that Tom and The Mister also had to behave like 10 year olds and they managed to get wetter than anyone else!

P1030936Friday was the day we all went on the North York Moors Railway from Pickering to Goathland. It was another scorching hot day. Despite my protestations I love steam trains and this one as brilliant! It was even more exciting than usual though as about 20 minutes into the train ride the train stopped and the train staff rushed off the train to try and put out two fires along the track. Apparently one of the engines is chucking out cinders and they have had fires most days. So, lots of smoke later we continued out journey to Goathland which is where they film Heartbeat. The whole place feels really 1950’s and there are also sheep everywhere(and sheep shit!) We found a nice playpark for the kids and a pub for the adults. Coming back proved to be just as exciting as the fire brigade had shut the train line because of the fires so we queued for a coach and then were told they had allowed one final train out. We finally got back much later than expected with some very tired children and some equally knackered adults.

P1040003On Saturday Tom and Anne and the boys and The Mister and I went to Castle Howard which is a truly beautiful country house with one of the best Adventure Playgrounds I have ever seen. We had such a brilliant day. Anne and I bought tickets for the house so we went for a bit of culture and left the boys outside to listen to the half-term storyteller.

All in all it was such a brilliant week. I love camping anyway, but spending time with some of my best friends in a beautiful part of the world is the best thing about it. It was also really nice to spend some proper time with my godson who is totally gorgeous (not that I am biased of course!)

Unfortunately my life as a lady of leisure ends tomorrow as I start work. I can’t say that I am particularly looking forward to going back to work, not because I am lazy but because I like being at home! Oh well… The Mister has decreed I can’t be a lady of leisure any longer and I am practicing submission!!! (ha ha!)

Here are some more pics of the week…










The Mister and I are off camping tomorrow with a whole load of friends. I love camping and I am getting excited!!! We went camping to the Lake District last year… this is what we got up to but I am not sure we will be so fortunate with the weather this year! This time we are off to North Yorkshire, so not too far to go but I can’t wait!