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Happy Christmas and brrrrrr!!!!!

Happy Christmas everyone.

We had a lovely day on Christmas Day, although we ate far too much as usual. We did make it out for a short walk in the afternoon but by the time we had dragged ourselves off the sofa it was starting to get dark!!

On Boxing Day morning we walked down to the beach to see the foolish people who decided to do the ‘polar bear’ swim. It wasn’t too cold although the wind was pretty chilly, and even the Bailiff of Guernsey decided to go in. Some people went in fancy dress, but the one that made me laugh the most was the guy who had a shark fin strapped to his back.


The Salvation Army

Yesterday The Mister and I went Christmas shopping in Leeds. As far as shopping trips go it was fairly successful and we managed to buy quite a few bits, but as expected it was absolutely heaving with people.

However, the highlight for me was hearing the Salvation Army band playing Christmas carols in the streets. I love the sound of a brass band and hearing the Sally Army playing brings back memories of my childhood. I vividly remember the band going around the streets in Guernsey playing carols and I remember leaning out of the window when I was wearing my pyjamas and listening to them playing Silent Night.

When they started playing this particular carol yesterday my eyes just filled with tears. It kind of took my by surprise because it started me thinking about Gran Nora. Being away from home makes it easy to forget that she isn’t going to be there when I go home for Christmas. Suddenly the realisation that she won’t be there this year hit me and hit me hard.

Last year Christmas was horrid for me. I cried my way thought Midnight Mass and felt rubbish all Christmas day. The first half of 2008 was very tough for me but it improved distinctly from the end of August (no guesses why!) For a change I feel optimistic about Christmas, despite there being some news which I know I will find difficult to deal with. However, this year I feel that there is hope. This year I hope it will be a new story.


For me Christmas doesn’t really start until I fly back to Guernsey to be with my family. I don’t bother with decorations in my flat because there is no point, but I do put up Christmas cards.

The only problem with this is that whilst everyone else is feeling the seasonal spirit I am just working my butt off to get everything done before I go home. It seems that I have twice as many things to do before I go on holiday, and the time before Christmas is just the worst. So, I am feeling very knackered and very stressed at the moment. Which is why I am sitting at home in my pyjamas doing paperwork because my very lovely boss has given me some time out of the office to do it.

I suppose the bonus of all this is that when I go home I feel like I have been thrown into a Christmas wonderland. There are presents to be wrapped, trees to be decorated and food to be made. Because my Mum is a teacher it all gets condensed into the few days when she ends term which usually coincides with me getting home.

I am hoping Christmas will be special this year. It will be strange because my lovely Gran Nora won’t be there and that means that everything will be very different because we won’t all be at her house. It will also be different because The Mister is coming home with me too. I am excited and scared about this as it will be the first time they have all met. Happiness is winning out at the moment though.

I really wanted to post this Youtube video but I still can’t work out how to do it which is irritating me a lot. (please can someone sort it out/work it out for me?)

So, instead here is a link to Foy Vance and Duke Special do Silent Night

Gorgeous, and makes me feel a teensy weency bit Christmassy. Enjoy!