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2012 Project365 (Day 189)

Rainbow wedding quiltOK, I have to admit that this photo wasn’t taken today but these pics have been kept secret.

I made this quilt for Sam and Sally as a wedding present. It ended up being bigger than I thought, about king-sized because it grew and grew. I wanted it to look liked a rainbow stained-glass window. I know Sam and Sally love everything rainbow coloured!

It was an easy quilt to make. I cut fabric into the same width but random lengths and then machined them together into a long length. I was then about to cut them to the right width and sew them together after that. It was a big job based on the size rather than the complexity of the job!

I love the end result and I hope the bride and groom appreciate how much time and love went into making it.

These gorgeous photos were taken by my friend Yasmin who is the very talented lady who took the wedding photos. She did a brilliant job so follow the link to her blog to take a look!

Here is another photo that Yasmin took but if you want to see the whole set then click on the pic and go through to Flickr. She took some gorgeous pictures!

2012 Project365 (Day 187)

StefiWe got the night-boat from Guernsey to Portsmouth, arriving at about 6am. It was fine and we slept well and we were all ready for shopping!! We managed to squeeze in a trip to Crawley to visit some proper big shops (oh the joys of living on a small island!)

One of the good things about family weddings is the opportunity to get together with lots of the family and generally have a good time. This evening we all met up and went out for dinner.

Today’s picture is my very beautiful cousin Stefi who is moving back in with my parents. Stef has been off gallivanting to South America, and I have to admit that I have kind of missed her and it is good to have her back!