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2012 Project365 (Day 265)

Seat padsI feel stuck. I feel as though nothing is happening with the house because we are waiting for quotes and stuff to come back. I just want something to happen so that I can feel as though we are making progress. I now feel really doubtful that we will be in before Winston is born and I am really sad about that. I so wanted to be settled in our own home because I feel like we would actually have space then. I know it can’t be helped but it is a bit frustrating.

So, I went to the warehouse today and picked up these seat pads for our kitchen chairs. These chairs used to be in the dining room at Gran’s house and I intend to cover them with some lovely stripey fabric. I am not really going to tart the chairs up too much otherwise as they have a lovely battered quality about them!

2012 Project365 (Day 190)

Bunting galore! Before we left yesterday we went to the water-logged marquee to help with a bit of packing up and I wanted to collect my bunting. I was more than a little annoyed to see the marquee blokes just ripping it down. They hadn’t really considered that it took someone (i.e. me!) hours to make!

Anyway, it has all been washed, dried and is waiting to be fixed. So, this is what 110m of bunting looks like all draped in the same place! I still love it though!

2012 Project365 (Day 123)

Quilted LovelinessI am now on the the final stretch of finishing off my quilt. I have wadded it, backed it, added the bias binding and now I am spot quilting it to hold it all together. This bit is very tedious but it will make a huge difference to how durable the quilt will be in the future. I love this quilt. The colours are fabulous and it is turning out just the way I wanted it to!

2012 Project365 (Day 39)

Bunting triangles!I have spent the last few days sewing triangles to make bunting for my cousin’s wedding in July. Mum and I have had a nice little production line going. I sew the sides of the triangle and then Mum sits on the sofa and trims the seams and then turns them through with a chopstick!

I have absolutely no idea how long the bunting is going to be yet, we will wait and see, but I have at least 200 triangles. I hope it will look beautiful!

2012 Project365 (Day 17)

17 Jan 2012This is a quilt that I finished in 2008. I love it, and this picture definitely shows it off better (possibly because it fits this bed better as it is a king sized bed) I have blogged about this quilt before here.

Here are the facts about it…

1600 patchwork pieces.
10 different colour blocks.
Over 160 different fabrics.
Just over 2.50 metres square.
Edging and backing fabric ‘liberated’ from my Mum’s fabric chest.

It took years to make because I kept going back to it and many of the fabrics have been rescued from clothes that belonged to Gran Nora or other family members. It truly is my history all sewn together and that is one of the things that makes it so special!

Eden’s quilt

Finally I can upload these photos! I made Eden a quilt, similar to the one I made for Barnabas. I have to admit that all the way through I haven’t really liked this quilt, but now it is backed, edged and quilted I like it a lot more.

I hope that Eden will get plenty of use out of it and she will realise how much time and love went into making it.

The bottom photo is of my lovely helper! Every time I lay the quilt out to pin it she insisted on laying on it!

Josh & Gemmas wedding_1577
Josh & Gemmas wedding_1592
Josh & Gemmas wedding_1587
March 2011 - home_1014



Well our lovely nephew Barnabas is one year old today. He is so gorgeous and a real little pickle and I miss him loads.

The pain of not having children certainly hasn’t receded with him coming along, in fact in many ways it has made that pain more intense and more pronounced as I can see just what I am missing out on. Not knowing if we will ever get that experience is pretty hard to deal with. However, I certainly wouldn’t miss out on having Barnabas around. he is a complete joy and great fun and I can’t wait to see him again!!

We bought Barnabas a big present but I couldn’t resist making him something (boys are so hard to make for!) so I made him some little aprons which I thought he might be able to use when he is painting or colouring or cooking with Granny. Here’s a pic!


Bridesmaid presents

As I had plenty of time before the wedding I spent ages making handbags for my bridesmaids. I couldn’t post any pictures before because I didn’t want them to see them. The bags were all made from fabric I had in my stash, most of which had been bought from charity shops or obtained from the Scrapstore in Welwyn Garden City.

P1020992P1020995This bag was for my cousin Chloe. The outside fabric was from the Scrap store and it was a gorgeous dark blue wool. The flower was made out of patterned sari from a charity shop and some felt and the lining was also made from the sari fabric.

P1020997P1030001This orange bag was for birdie and it was my favourite out of all the bags! Made out of a gorgeous beaded sari (which made it a bitch to sew) which cost about £3 from a charity shop. Lined with some fabric I have had in the cupboard for about 10 years I reckon!!

P1030002P1030005This bag was for my cousin Alice. I think the outside fabric is a shot satin which my aunt bought back from China years and years ago. Lined with a remnant of purple fabric and the outside was decorated with felt flowers which was about the only new thing on this bag. All the buttons came from my craft stash.

P1030006P1030008This gorgeous red bag was made for my sister Louise. The outside was lovely red linen and the inside was a green cotton, both of which came from thr Scrap store (I really need to find one of these places in Leeds!) The outside was decorated with felt buttons which I hand stitched on and which nearly gave me arthritis in my wrist I think!

P1030010P1030012Finally this bag was made for my cousin Stefi. I made this one out of a retro duvet cover I bought from a charity shop and lined with a remnant of purple fabric from my stash. Felt flowers and a little bit of lace and a few buttons completed the look! I made this bag a little deeper than the others because Stef carries so much crap around with her!

I used the Amy Butler bag pattern called Birdie Sling which I completely bastardised. I have made it several times before in several different versions but I think the way I used it to make these bags is my favourite.

I was very happy with them all and I hope the girls loved them!!!

Crochet loveliness

Today I bought a lovely crochet blanket for the bargain price of £3 from a charity shop. I love these blankets. They are so colourful and gorgeous and they make my happy. I do like colour, lots of it, preferably clashing and all together. I think this is probably why I love patchwork quilts, especially random ones. The Mister on the other hand likes things a little plainer. Oh well, never mind. I am sure he will change his mind when this lovely blanket is on our bed in the tent at Greenbelt!!!