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2013 Project365 (Day 6)

6 January 2013I know that most of my previous emergency photos were of cats, but now they seem to be mainly of The Little Mister!

Grandpa has a magic way with babies and they seem to relax with him very easily, maybe it is the fact that he is very unruffled and chilled out too.

I am slowly getting used to waking up a couple of times a night, although it has been slightly more difficult for the last two nights as The Mister has been on nights so I have had to cope alone. We are managing fine although it is much easier when he is there to help as he is much more patient at night than I am!!

2013 Project365 (Day 5)

Birthday boyToday is my Dad’s 65th birthday. He is officially a pensioner (as he keeps reminding us) and now has the additional income of both a pension, and paying reduced stamps (as he keeps reminding us). He intends to spend his additional cash on more holidays (as he keeps telling us!)

My Dad is absolutely brilliant and he has been so supportive to us, not only has he let us live with them for 18 months but he and Mum have supported us financially and practically to buy and renovate our house. I am massively indebted to him and whilst he is a terrible tease and tells terrible jokes I love him very much. My life would be infinitely poorer without my Dad around.

We had a family lunch at home and Mum made loads of yummy sandwiches and I made some nice little cakes. A low key day, but at his age he shouldn’t get too excited!

2012 Project365 (Day 274)

OuchMy Dad has big hands; fingers like sausages and big and heavy hands.

Inevitably he has various chunks out of his hands and fingers, grazes to show the work he has been doing and the fact that he doesn’t just sit at a desk all day.

Today he has excelled himself. He went to church to sort something out on the roof, climbed out of the window and then managed to break the window and cut his hand. He then drove himself to A&E where they glued it all back together.

He is wondering whether he will be able to play the guitar on Sunday!

2012 Project365 (Day 199)

Sweet PeasDad’s garden is starting to look absolutely lovely. The vegetables are growing fast and the flowers are blooming.

One of my favourite flowers are Sweet Peas and there are loads of them growing up the fruit cage. To keep them flowering you have to keep picking them. So, almost every room in the house smells absolutely glorious with the sweet fragrance of Sweet Peas.

Sadly they die quite quickly once picked so we have to go and pick more!

2012 Project365 (Day 168)

Idiot catHappy Father’s Day! I suppose you are expecting a photo of my Dad today and a little tribute to him, but he is on holiday so I couldn’t take a picture. Suffice to say that he is a pretty fabulous Dad and I really appreciate everything he does for me and for us.

Instead here is a picture one of the true loves of Dad’s life, one of the cats. When Dad arrives home from work the cats generally get the best of his conversation whereas we get left with the one-word answers!

The picture makes me laugh because he is in such an odd position. From a side angle Billy looks like he is offering a Heil Hitler salute!

2012 Project365 (Day 145)

The Constant GardenerI reckon my Dad has about 20 pots or bags of potatoes that he has planted up and we are now starting to empty out the earlies to see what has grown. Seeing them come out of the soil is like watching little jewels appear and I have to say that the potatoes are super-tasty!

I am looking forward to living here when his tomatoes, beans, strawberries and raspberries fruit. There are definite benefits to living with Mum and Dad!

Here is Dad with his latest haul!

2012 Project365 (Day 79)

Dad's DomainThis green house is my Dad’s domain. Here are a selection of his seedlings that have been planted out and are growing nicely, ready for him to plant out into his garden when the weather warms up a bit.

For as long as I can remember my Dad has spent most of his free time in the garden (or on the computer) and I think he uses gardening as stress relief. He potters out there before breakfast and as soon as he gets home from work and at the weekends he is out there all Saturday.

The pay off is that he has a lovely garden, full of dahlias, chrysanthemums and other flowers, and also a veggie patch with potatoes, beans, loads of tomatoes and raspberries and strawberries. Everything tastes so much better when you have just dug it up or picked it!