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Happy Birthday train party

We had a brilliant day yesterday. We went on Nene Valley Railway for our friend Ophelia’s 30th birthday party. The dress code was posh frocks and vintage hats so I made an effort and wore my Gran’s hat which I love (rather morbidly it is the last hat I remember her wearing before she died as she wore it to my sister’s wedding!)

It was fabulous to meet up with a bunch of random internet people from the Ship of Fools, although to be fair I have met them all quite a bit in real life, so I class them as ‘proper people’ these days!

It was just fun to be out and about and the people in the train were chatty and helpful and lovely and the food was pretty good too. After we had been on the train and had lunch there was a rather convenient vintage bus waiting outside the station and someone managed to persuade the druver to take us to the nearest pub, leave us there for an hour or so and then come and pick us up. A perfect finish to a perfect day!!

Here’s the pics…. (the final photo is so Mum can see the hat worn to perfection!!!)

Ophelia's party_1985Ophelia's party_1988
Ophelia's party_2005Ophelia's party_2027
Ophelia's party_2025Train anoraks

Ophelia's party_2001Ophelia's party_2015Ophelia's party_2022Ophelia's party_2028

Ophelia's party_2021

Falconry Day

Yesterday The Mister and I went to The Falconry Centre in Thirsk where we did an experience day. My parents paid for The Mister to go for his 30th birthday present and we decided to pay for me to go to.

It was brilliant!

We spent the whole day there and started out by walking around all the eagles, hawks and vultures and being introduced to them. Then we started off flying some of the smaller birds before learning to tie some essential knots and going o a hawk walk through the lanes. It was brilliant seeing the bird flying out in the countryside. We watched one of the flying days before having lunch. Then we flew a few more birds, watched the final display and then got to fly the bigger birds, including a Golden Eagle.

The staff member who took us out for the day ws so knowledgeable about birds and was fascinating to listen to, although he told appalling jokes.

I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous of the birds. When you see them up close they are even more beautiful but they have these massive sharp talons and a pokey pointed beak. I seriously wouldn’t fancy getting attacked by one of these birds.

To top it all we had the most glorious day – warm and sunny and perfect although both of us have rather shiney sunburnt noses this morning,

The highlight of the day for me? Well, there were two. Getting up close to Misty the Grey Owl who is absolutely beautiful and looked like a cartoon owl he was so perfect. Secondly, getting to fly Boris the Golden Eagle – he was truly the only bird that made me properly nervous – he kind of looked at me funny, but he was awesome. So beautiful and powerful. Gorgeous.

So, this was a day well worth doing. Not cheap, but you certainly get your money’s worth. We had a fab time. Thanks Mum and Dad!!!

Here are some pics… there are over 300 on Flickr, so if you want to see more then just click through…

Falconry Day_1233Falconry Day_1247
Falconry Day_1377Falconry Day_1397
Falconry Day_1519Falconry Day_1425

Falconry Day_1424Falconry Day_1557

Falconry Day_1393
Falconry Day_1534

National Media Museum Shipmeet

Had a lovely day yesterday at Shipmeet at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Well, I say Shipmeet, but as it was only us and Tom and Anne and the boys it was more like a typical day trip out for us!

The museum is a brilliant place to take kids, and I have to admit that I loved seeing some of the characters from my childhood TV shows, such as Playschool and the Wombles. It was quite embarrassing when I realised that Paul didn’t remember half the things I do because he is 5 years younger than me. I also practiced reading the news from an autocue and the boys enjoyed pretending they were flying on the blue screen.

It was such a gorgeous day that we decided to go for a walk in the afternoon so we walked to our local farm shop which has an animal walk. I was very much hoping that there would be lots of baby lambs but they had closed off part of the walk due to the bad weather a few weeks ago. Mind you, we did see cute baby baa-lambs a bit further down the road.

A brilliant day, topped off with the entertainment of watching Andrew fall asleep in his tea and nearly fall off the chair.

Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0897Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0920
Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0929Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0935
Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0962Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0972
Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0910Bradford Film Museum Ship Meet_0912

Delightful Durham

Well The Mister and I have had a fun day out with some peeps from the Ship of Fools. As far as Shipmeets go it was kind of unplanned as we had arranged a time and a place to meet but not much out. We spent a little bit of time wandering around the market in Durham and then we went up to the Cathedral. We weren’t really able to look at much as they were filming Songs of Praise, but one of the advantages is that we got to hear some fantastic choral singing. We also had a wander around the shops, ate cake and drank coffee and generally had a lovely time. So… onwards to… pictures!




Today The Mister and I donned our anoraks and went to our first airshow of the year at Shuttleworth. It was a lovely day but I am surprisingly knackered.

Shuttleworth is a fab place. They have an exhibition of old planes but they also have a bird of prey sanctuary and we pitched up there just in time for one of their flying shows. It was lovely to see owls being flown right over our heads! We saw lots of very old planes flying, although it was a little bit breezy for the really old ones (the ones that look like they are made out of matchsticks) to fly. Despite a chilly breeze it was a fab day to watch an air display. Shuttleworth has quite a large collection of early aircrafts, most of which fly. There was quite an amusing moment though when we were wandering through one of the hangars. I saw this plane and I was chuntering on about it being a de Havilland Dragon Rapide and how I had been in one of them many years ago when I was about 10 years old, Anyway, I suddenly realised that this wasn’t any old Rapide, but this was the one that I had been in. It’s owned by my Dad’s old boss and I only realised because it has his daughters name on the side.

The other thing I decided at this air show was that I would like to run an alternative commentary for women. Something like…. “Ladies here we have coming into view another plane… yes another one…. it’s red this time. Pretty isn’t it? I think it would match my shoes nicely.” I think it would add something to the experience for all those women who are dragged along there by their husbands/boyfriends/sons etc.

A fab day out…. so here are some pics.


Shaw’s Corner

Well, so far this weekend has been fun and rather busy. The Mister is here and so is Peterson.

So, yesterday we went to Shaw’s Corner, a National Trust property in Hertfordshire and the home of George Bernard Shaw.

It is a beautiful place and must less grand and less fussy than I expected. It was so cosy I could imagine living there myself and curling up in one of the chairs with a book and a cup of tea. The gardens were also beautiful, gorgeous spring flowers coming through.

Then we went over to the The Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. It was created after the second world war and has a varitey of trees planted out in the design of a full sized medieval cathedral. really what I wanted to see was lots of bluebells but I couldn’t find the place I wanted to get to!!

Anyway, it was a beautiful day to go to the tree cathedral. Only spoilt, as was lunch and a visit to Tesco’s by badly behaved screaming children. is it too much to ask for parents to encourage their children to behave in public and not either shriek back, or completely ignore them?


I see dead people (and animals)

Well, the weekend has been very busy so far.

Yesterday The Mister and I went out on a little jolly to London. After wandering around for a couple of hours and paying a brief visit to Borough market so I could look at all the fruit and veg stalls (and most importantly the chocolate and nut sweets stall!) we made away down to the 02 arena at Greenwich to see the Bodyworlds: Mirror of Time.

I have a bit of a fascination with this sort of exhibition anyway and I have seen a few of the the models before the last time it was in London, but there were some new, and quite extraordinary exhibits. About half way around The Mister commented that he would like to see Gunther von Hagens plastinate an elephant. What we did not expect as we rounded the final corner of the exhibition was a fully-grown plastinated giraffe. Amazing. This picture here wasn’t taken by me because it was banned… so I borrowed one of t’internet.

We then decided to get the boat from the O2 arena all the way up to Waterloo which was a lovely way to see a few more of the sights. To round off the day we met up with a bunch of people from The Ship of Fools. It was a fun day, but I feel knackered now and we have been very bad and have not gone to church today.


Fountains Abbey

Today The Mister coaxed me out of bed with a cuppa and a crumpet and we went off to Fountains Abbey which was absolutely lovely.

I have to admit that I like nothing more than being able to wander around old buildings and take in the history and atmosphere. I was fascinated with this Abbey though as the stone was such a gorgeous pinky colour and it was kind of sparkly when you got up close. Just lovely in the afternoon sunlight.

After we had visited the water mill and clambered over the ruins we walked around the extensive grounds and finally into the deer park where we saw loads of deer. By this time though I was starting to flag as we hadn’t had anything to eat since the cream tea (low-fat of course) at lunchtime. So, we wandered off to the nearest town to find a pub for supper.

I like nothing more than a nice cream tea and an old ruin…. and I got both as well as a decent walk.

What a lovely day.

I am a lucky girl.