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2013 Project365 (Day 67)

Beautiful GuernseyIt has been such a beautiful day today. The Little Mister and I went to the cafe at church with my Mum and then wandered into town to meet The Mister for a spot of lunch. We went to investigate a different cafe to see what it is like. The food was OK but has an amazing view out over Castle Cornet.

After lunch we took a walk and The Mister took this photo for me. You can see the bathing pools in the foreground and Castle Cornet in the background.

This afternoon I went to see my friend and her new baby and then The Little Mister and I went and met my mum and my niece and nephew at one of the local beaches where we threw stones into the sea and watched the fishermen taking their little boats out.

Such an idyllic day. Life is good.

(More pics from today here.)

2013 Project365 (Day 60)

A bit of fizzToday The Little Mister and I went to our final session of Babycalm.

This has been a 4 week course on techniques to help promote positive parenting, including stuff such as baby massage. I have really enjoyed the course and in some ways I don’t feel like I have learnt much new stuff but I do feel that it has given me confidence and validated my gut instincts.

One of the fab things in today’s session was the course leader had contacted The Mister and asked him about the 5 things that make me a good Mum. It was such a lovely thing to hear the things he said and the last one really made me cry. The Mister gives me masses of confidence to be a good Mum and I value his input so much. He’s an amazing Dad and such a supportive husband. I am lucky indeed.

So, tonight I cooked a nice roast dinner and we drank the bottle of fizz that my sister gave us when we moved in. Unfortunately The Little Mister decided it wasn’t the time to go to sleep so I had to sit and eat one-handed! A proper family affair!

2013 Project365 (Day 50)

WelliesThis afternoon The Little Mister and I had a lovely trip to the park with my sister, her kids and one of her friends and her little boy.

Gorgeous sunny weather and Barnabas enjoyed pushing an empty dolls buggy around – especially when he found a nice big muddy puddle to give his wellies a work out! I think Barnabas looks like a model in this photo!

2013 Project365 (Day 47)

Moving in dayHurray! We have moved in!

We were up early and had emptied our room at Mum and Dad’s and packed the van by about 10.15am. I thought that was pretty good going. So, we now have a house full of stuff and have to find places to put it all. Not easy in a bungalow with next to no storage! Our loft currently looks like a charity shop!

We are massively grateful to my parents who have let us live with them for 18 months and who have supported us in lots of different ways over that time. Living with them really hasn’t bee a trial, in fact it has been a pleasure (not sure whether they would agree with that or not!) and I will miss being there. It has been especially nice since we had The Little Mister and I know Mum is going to miss seeing him first thing in the morning.

Having said all that, I have to admit that it is pretty nice (if slightly odd) to be in our own house. This evening we had a splendid meal of fish and chips and red wine and in a little while we will finish it off with strawberries and ice-cream.

We are so blessed. Life is good.

2013 Project365 (Day 43)

Birthday girlToday The Little Mister and I went to my cousin’s daughter’s (got that? fairly typical explanation of my relations!) first birthday party. She was one today and she is a real poppet.

There were loads of kids there and Barnabas and Eden managed to eat reasonable quantity of sandwiches before we had to leave.

Sue had made (well I think she made it!) this brilliant ladybird cake which was also delicious.

2013 Project365 (Day 41)

Gran's vaseWhen Gran Nora died all the grandchildren were able to take something from her house as a momento. I had a few things including a couple of books, a necklace and this gorgeous vase. Of course, I now also have her dining room table and chairs which have taken pride of place in our kitchen.

I love the vibrant turquoise of this vase and it is such thick glass and weighs quite a bit. I decide it might come in useful in case of an intruder!