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dscn5980dscn5981ooooo how excited am I?

So, I am at home working and the doorbell goes. So, I think that’s a bit weird because no-one ever calls on me in the day, because I am never here (well, I suppose, not that I would know if they did call then!), so I go to the door and a woman is standing there with the most gorgeous bunch of flowers…. which are FOR ME!!!!

The Mister and I got together 6 months ago today, on the last night of Greenbelt, in the Jesus Arms. It has been a wonderfully happy six months, after what had been a pretty shitty couple of years. I can’t believe he sent me such beautiful flowers, and to be honest it made me cry, just a little bit. Mind you, I am not sure that he is going to let me forget I gave him socks for Valentines Day… well, he needed some new ones!!! I have to say though, receiving flowers today is wonderful… it’s personal to us and has made me smile so much.

Happy, happy, happy!!!!