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2012 Project365 (Day 197)

The Pudding ScavengerTonight we had a family barbecue, even though it was raining. As always with one of our family do’s there was a lot of desserts…. it seems to me that it is a matter of family pride.

Eden, it would seem, is also a pudding lover and she is a little bit of a scavenger and she would go from person to person trying to eat bits of whatever they had in their bowl! Here she is with her favourite Uncle sharing his ice-cream.

2012 Project365 (Day 151)

Auntie JenMy Auntie Jen is a brilliant jam and chutney maker and she makes vast amounts every year (well at least it seems that way!)

She has recently had a lovely new kitchen fitted, so her shed is now her jam and chutney making kitchen. It means she can come out here and keep all the strong smells out of her new kitchen. She wouldn’t want to sully such a shiny new kitchen after all!

In this picture she is multi-tasking having just taken all the jam jars out of the oven, and she is also trying to stir the strawberry jam. She is a bit of a legend really, and like one of my three Mums. I am very lucky to have so many mothers!

2012 Project365 (Day 97)

Who ate all the pies?We have had a busy but nice day today. We went to the gym, popped to my Uncle’s house to wish him a happy birthday and eat some hot cross buns and then I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out all my clothes.

I decided to cook a really nice meal tonight so made this delicious chicken and mushroom pie which we ate along with Jersey Royal new potatoes and vegetables. When I counted up how many calories were in the puff pastry I couldn’t believe it… so I decided I just had to really enjoy it!

At the moment I am pretty strict on my meals at the moment so it was nice to not worry too much about it – although I was quite relieved I had gone to the gym this morning!

2012 Project365 (Day 52)

The Pancake ChefYesterday The Mister asked me if I was going to make him pancakes today. I said no, as I don’t like them.

Fortunately my Mum loves both my Dad and her son-in-law very much so she made a nice big fat pile of them. So, whilst I was at Zumba they ate this little lot.

Cue one happy Mister! 🙂