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2012 Project365 (Day 238)

Greenbelt GirlSunday morning at Greenbelt means communion service – well for everyone else that is. The Mister and I tend to go to the local swimming pool for a short swim and a long shower!

The rest of Sunday was spent mooching around the site, eating food and drinking tea at the Tiny Tea Tent. For me one of the best things about Greenbelt is the opportunity to see friends we only see once a year.

I think this picture sums up Greenbelt nicely – this is Alien, daughter of Pants, wearing flowers in her hair and covered in mud!

In the evening I went to bed and let The Mister go to the pub with his friend Tom. They were under strict instructions not to get too drunk and be obnoxious. To be fair, they were fairly well behaved!

2012 Project365 (Day 232)

PaddlingOnce again today it rained in the morning and then cleared up beautifully by lunchtime. We went to the really lovely beach at Nicholaston which is a fabulous long beach with some dramatic cliffs. Unfortunately it is a steep walk down there and a nightmare walk back up because you have to cross a sand-dune which is pretty hard on the legs. I am blaming it on being nearly 6 months pregnant but I suspect it is because I am very unfit!

This is my lovely godson who enjoyed the water, until it splashed him in his face anyway!

2012 Project365 (Day 49)

18 Feb 2012Oh dear. Eisteddfod fear is kicking in. The choir are performing on Thursday night and, to be perfectly honest, I can’t remember the song. Neither can most other people though which is a saving grace. So, few of us had a little extra rehearsal today. It went well (ha ha!) aided by alcohol, chocolate, crisps and some entirely inappropriate dancing and giggling. The diet, on the other hand, is knackered today.

2012 Project365 (Day 1)

1 Jan 2012So, I am been persuaded and inspired to give the Project 365 thing a go. Jack the Lass managed to do it last year and I thought it was a fabulous idea.

I will attempt to take a photo every day this year and I will post it here for all to see. Hopefully I will manage it, although I might also enlist The Mister to take a few pictures and I will choose the best one!

So, here is Day 1… we are staying with our friends Tom and Anne and their 3 boys for New Year. It has been blissful and chilled out. Lots of wine and food and fun and it has been lovely as I have really missed the boys over the last few months since we moved to Guernsey.

The weather is grey an overcast and rainy but we took a short walk up to the allotment. Unfortunately Andrew fell over four times on the way there, including a spectacular face-plant into a big puddle. This was the state of him by the time we walked home!

The end of 2011

Hong Kong Feb 2011_0416Dorset_3799Well this year has been quite a momentous year in lots of ways.

The Mister and I spent the first part of the year working hard and generally enjoying living on the mainland but we also spent a lot of time with friends and enjoyed travelling about and seeing people. We went to Hong Kong on February and in October and the chance to experience that amazing city will stay with us for a long time. In August we spent a week camping in Devon before meeting up with friends and camping in Dorset and then heading to Greenbelt. We also went to a family wedding on Somerset and managed to get a few days to ourselves and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Pickering in North Yorkshire.

Of course the most significant thing about this year is that we took the plunge and moved back to Guernsey. It was a decision that was a long time in the making and the actual moving part was stressful. I hope I don’t have to move anywhere long-distance for a long time! We are currently living with my parents whilst we save up for a house. This should be easier as The Mister has got a job and starts in January. Hurray!

EdenGsy_1849Being back in Guernsey in wonderful. It is lovely to be able to see the family and spend proper time there without having to rush off. My sister had another baby in February and Eden is hilarious to be around, and Barnabas continues to entertain. Of course being back at home means that my sister seems to consider us as another set of babysitters!

The year hasn’t all been good though. This time last year I was hoping that this would be the last time we celebrated Christmas and New Year as just a couple, I was hoping that by Christmas we would be a family. Sadly getting pregnant has proved to be more complicated than the Daily Mail makes out. We are waiting for an appointment at the fertility specialists but living in Guernsey means that we are having to wait quite a long time. My biggest fear is that we will require intervention such as IVF, and if that ends up being the case then we will almost certainly have to give up on our desire to have children, as we will not be able to afford it. There are no ‘free’ treatments on the island.

PA smiling bw Despite all this (and in spite of it all in some case!) I feel blessed. I live on a beautiful island, hopefully we will be able to buy our own house this year, and we have fabulous families on both sides. I am most fortunate though because I have The Mister and I recognise that I am truly blessed. He keeps me centrered, makes me feel safe, makes me laugh and is so very supportive.

So, a very Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope that 2012 brings more joy, and pleasure and let’s just hope that our dreams come true.

PS) The last picture of the two of us I shamelessly admit I nicked from (AllieW!)

Bel Canto

One of the best things about being home is being back in a choir. From the ages of 12 – 18 I sang with The Guernsey Girls Choir. We rehearsed hard every Thursday with a brilliant music teacher who I have blogged about before… here.

So, some of The Guernsey Girls Choir members have formed a “grown-up” choir called Bel Canto. I guess there are about 25 of us and the same singing teacher still conducts. Every now and then I get flashbacks to when I was younger, usually when she is telling me off for talking! It is so strange to be back in the choir, singing with some of the same people I sang with when I was 14, but it is fabulous! I had forgotten how de-stressing a good sing is and how much fun it is to feel part of something. The choir has given me back some friends and for that I will always be grateful!

On Saturday night we performed Holst’s Neptune. The choir is supposed to represent the Sirens wooing the sailors and rather strangely we didn’t stand on the stage to sing this. We didn’t even stand in the auditorium. The Polish conductor had us standing i the corridor and singing from there. When the music faded away we shut the door and turned around and walked into the green room, before breaking into a fit of giggles. Then we had to race to put our shoes on (the floor was too clip-cloppy!) before we had to go back and take our applause. It was one of the hardest pieces of music I have ever done (not least because out conductor was following the main conductor via an appropriately placed mirror!) and yet it was like being on a rollercoaster. There was no getting off once we had started and we just had to keep going until the end. That fluttery moment of excitement was just magical and apparently it sounded absolutely amazing.

So, no matter how tired or sad I am feeling or no matter what is going on at work or at home singing makes things so much better. I can’t ask for more than that.

Greenbelt – August 2011

The final part of our holiday was at Greenbelt – every year it is a return to the scene of the crime where The Mister and I met! I was so looking forward to it this year as the lineup was fantastic. I most wanted to see The Unthanks, Ockhams Razor and Kate Rusby and the festival did not disappoint – except for the fact that the weather was a bit rubbish but at least it didn’t rain too much. It was also Tom’s 30th birthday so we helped him celebrate that properly!!!

As ever the best bits of Greenbelt were seeing lots of friends, old and new, and getting the chance to spend proper time with them. Greenbelt is always about people, it could have the worst line-up ever and I would still go, if only to see those I love and miss the most.

On the way back to the boat we stopped overnight in a lovely B&B and went to visit Stonehenge. Then we caught the boat home… back to our new life

So, here is a photo tribute… the majority of the pics can be found here.



Dorset – August 2011

After we had been in Dartmoor on our own for a week we were just about ready for a bit more company, so we travelled to Oathill Farm Campsite near Lyme Regos on the Jurassic Coast where we joined up with Pants and Alien, birdie and family, and Tom and Anne and the boys. Suddenly there was a massive group of us!

The campsite was fabulous, we had a field at the bottom where we put up all our tents and our giant gazebo which we used as a kitchen and lounge area – very useful as it rained such a lot! The site had the cleanest facilities I have ever seen, as well as a little shop and a tearoom serving awesome cream teas and an amazing Sunday roast.

We went out to a lots of differnet places including the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester (which is absolutely shit so save your money!!!), Lyme Regis, Charmouth where some of the group went fossilling and Haynes Motor Museum. The only downside to the week was that the weather was really changeable and we had quite a bit of rain.

However, we had a fantastic week. It was bliss to spend time with people who we get on with and the kids, in general, played well together.

Pics… on Flickr and a few here…