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The end of 2012

March 2012_6138Well, if I thought that 2011 was a momentous year then 2012 has really eclipsed it!

The Mister started his new job in January 2012 and we have both had to get used to him doing shift work. He seems to be enjoying his job, although hopefully there will be more developments that stretch him and give him more opportunities to show off his skills. Work for me has just continued along as usual. It would seem that drug users are the same wherever you work although the drugs of choice are different on the island.

August 2012_7001August 2012_7003Being back in Guernsey has been wonderful. The opportunity to spend time with my family has been fab. My nephew, Barnabas, and niece, Eden, have continued to entertain us throughout the year and it has been particularly nice to see the relationship between them and The Mister develop. He is brilliant with them!

DelilahThe sad bit of the year was when we had to have our lovely cat Delilah put to sleep. She had been getting more and more poorly and had renal failure, but she ended up getting hit by a car and had substantial injuries which meant that we had to take the tough decision. I know that it was the right decision, but I still really miss her. I miss the fact that she used to sit on my lap when I was watching TV.

The last day.In June we went to Sark Folk Festival which was absolutely brilliant, apart from the camping was pretty basic! The music was amazing and the opportunity to spend some time on the beautiful island of Sark was pretty special. I would love to go back in 2013 but all the tickets have been sold and I decided the only way that I would go back next year would be if we could do it in a B&B. Sadly, there all the rooms were booked up before the end of the 2012 festival. Oh well, another year then!

We also had a little trip to the UK to go to my cousin Sam and Sally’s wedding. It was fab, but boy was it wet! Shame it was in a marquee and I required my wellies by the end of the day!!

August 2012_7341As usual in August we went camping with Tom and Anne and the kids, and pants and Alien. We stayed at a lovely campsite in Wales and then went to Greenbelt which was pretty much a giant mudbath. I have never seen so much mud at a festival and by the end of the weekend the centre part of the racecourse was pretty much impassable. Also I was so happy to catch up with Peterson Toscano again. So many things had changed for us both since we had last seen each other. After the festival we stayed a couple of nights in Bath before catching the boat home.

August 2012_6997We bought a house in September after a ridiculously prolonged buying process and have spent the time doing it up, massively helped out by my Mum and Dad who have been absolutely fantastic. They have put up with us living with them for 18 months and have just worked so hard to help us get the house ready. We are deeply indebted to them (in many ways if you ask Dad!)

Of course the biggest change to our lives, and something that has taken most of the year to prepare has been the arrival of The Little Mister. I’ve made no secret over the year that we required assistance to help us conceive and I am massively grateful to the doctors who treated us.

The best presentThe Little Mister arrived on 14 December 2012 and he is absolutely wonderful. Better than I could ever have hoped for and the wait has been well worth it. I feel deeply for those people who shared my journey and experiences of struggling to conceive and I hope and pray that they will be successful in the coming year. I remember only too well how hard it is to hear other people’s news about their pregnancies or births and being disappointed and devastated. I still think of them often.

I end 2012 extremely grateful for what I have. The Mister has continued to be amazing and seeing him with The Little Mister has made me love him even more. We are blessed beyond all measure and very, very grateful. Thankyou to everyone who has continued to read this blog over the year, I have appreciated your comments and hope that you will continue to share the story with us.


2012 Project365 (Day 240)

Muddy MisterJust a quick picture. Although this was taken earlier in the weekend than today I think it completely sums up the Greenbelt weekend. Torrential rain, mud glorious mud and wellies. It was wonderful!!

So that’s it. Another Greenbelt over. Our last year as just the two of us and next year a new and different Greenbelt with a child in tow starts!

Tonight we are at a lovely B and B in Bath where we are enjoying a comfortable bed and a hot bath. Perfect!

2012 Project365 (Day 239)

FriendsMonday evening at Greenbelt was a fantastic line-up of performers including Seth Lakeman, The Imagined Village and Bellowhead who were truly fabulous.

We had more torrential rain in the afternoon which just contributed to the terrible mud conditions. I have to admit to being a bit grumpy in the afternoon because I was cold and wet but the evening cheered me up no end – dancing with the kids in the puddles whilst listening to Bellowhead.

I also got a bit of time with Peterson. I miss him so very much when he is back home in the States and the joy and pleasure at seeing him happy and content is massive.

2012 Project365 (Day 238)

Greenbelt GirlSunday morning at Greenbelt means communion service – well for everyone else that is. The Mister and I tend to go to the local swimming pool for a short swim and a long shower!

The rest of Sunday was spent mooching around the site, eating food and drinking tea at the Tiny Tea Tent. For me one of the best things about Greenbelt is the opportunity to see friends we only see once a year.

I think this picture sums up Greenbelt nicely – this is Alien, daughter of Pants, wearing flowers in her hair and covered in mud!

In the evening I went to bed and let The Mister go to the pub with his friend Tom. They were under strict instructions not to get too drunk and be obnoxious. To be fair, they were fairly well behaved!

2012 Project365 (Day 237)

Glorious mud!This photograph completely sums up today at Greenbelt. In the middle of the afternoon the heavens absolutely opened and the rain was positively biblical! Fortunately The Mister and I were tucked up in our tent as I was absolutely shattered and having an afternoon nap.

When we went back onto site in the evening the rain had created a massive mudbath – thank goodness for walking boots… and later on wellies!

I was trying very hard to get a photo of our boots without my 6-month pregnant belly getting in the way. It would seem that Winston the bump is happy to make his presence known as often as possible!

2012 Project365 (Day 236)

The Raising of the FlagsWe arrived onsite at Greenbelt at 11ish and managed to locate our usual camping area and put up the canvas mansion. It was fabulous to see people we haven’t seen since last year.

As always we raised the Guernsey flag, accompanied by compulsory national anthem and this year we had an additional flag – a lovely gay marriage flag to add to the party!

On Friday we managed to go for a wander onto the festival site and we also saw Peterson Toscano performing Transfigurations which was fabulous!

2012 Project365 (Day 235)

Dinner and fake cocktailsToday The Mister and I packed up and left site by about lunchtime. We decided to take the more scenic route from South Wales and we had a nice drive through Abergavenny and Monmouth.

Tonight we are staying in a Premier Inn in Cheltenham and we had dinner at TGI Fridays and tomorrow we head to Greenbelt. I can’t wait! There are so many people I want to see this year, including Peterson who is performing twice over the weekend. I have missed him lots so it will be fabulous to catch up!

I just hope the weather isn’t too awful over the weekend!

2012 Project365 (Day 210)

Camping prepIn just a few weeks (and it really can’t come soon enough!) The Mister and I will be off on holiday for a couple of weeks. We will be camping in Wales with friends, followed by Greenbelt and then a couple of days on our own in Bath.

So we decided today that we should get the ginormous tent out and check that it is still OK and there are no nasty surprises. I can’t think of anything worse than getting to our campsite and find out that there is a rip or we have forgotten the poles!

Greenbelt – August 2011

The final part of our holiday was at Greenbelt – every year it is a return to the scene of the crime where The Mister and I met! I was so looking forward to it this year as the lineup was fantastic. I most wanted to see The Unthanks, Ockhams Razor and Kate Rusby and the festival did not disappoint – except for the fact that the weather was a bit rubbish but at least it didn’t rain too much. It was also Tom’s 30th birthday so we helped him celebrate that properly!!!

As ever the best bits of Greenbelt were seeing lots of friends, old and new, and getting the chance to spend proper time with them. Greenbelt is always about people, it could have the worst line-up ever and I would still go, if only to see those I love and miss the most.

On the way back to the boat we stopped overnight in a lovely B&B and went to visit Stonehenge. Then we caught the boat home… back to our new life

So, here is a photo tribute… the majority of the pics can be found here.



Greenbelt 2010

Well it has taken me a good few days since getting back from Greenbelt to sort out all the camping stuff, do all the washing and go back to work. I have been knackered!!

Anyway, Greenbelt this was awesome as ever. It is strange how different each year is and how differently I feel about it. I went to a few things, and here are my highlights….

1) An interview with James Wood and Tom Hollander, the writer and actor from Rev. Rev has been one of my favourite TV shows this year, funny and moving, I found it both challenging and hilarious. The interview with them was also funny, their stories about researching the show were amusing and hopefully they will be doing a new series.

2) Zic Zazou – a rather brilliant percussion musical act. About 8 Frenchman all appear on stage in blue overalls and create the most amazing music out of their ‘laboratory’. I loved it – so different and so beautiful. Fabulous!!

3) Jars of Clay – they played on the mainstage on Monday night, but they had also played in the Performance Cafe the day before. They were fantastic! Their big set was amazing, but it was their acoustic set that really had me grinning. Their harmonies were perfect and I really loved it. I was such a big fan of their when I was about 15 so I was happy they didn’t disappoint me!

4) Peter Tatchell gave a talk on sexuality in Africa. It was a really well attended session and he spoke brilliantly. I was really impressed with just how good an orator he was. He gave loads of time for questions and responded really well. Apprently there was a bit of kickback from Anglican Mainstream about him being there. His first words were “I would like to begin by paying tribute to Anglican Mainstream, who by their attacks on me and on Greenbelt, have boosted ticket sales and ensured a successful Greenbelt”.

5) Beer and Hymns – always a highlight for me. There is nothing like singing at the top of my voice whilst drinking beer, and it genuinely feeling like worship and not a piss up. Fantastic!

All in all Greenbelt was fabulous. The worst bit of it was arriving at the site on Friday to be told that due to the rain no cars were allowed in site. We had to carry everything onsite… kind of! We walked the tent on and erected that and in the meantime Anne phoned us and said she was in the carpark and had commandeered a Cheltenham Racecourse van and a golf-buggy-taxi. We managed to unload our cars straight into these vehicles and they delivered everything to the site! Hilarious!

It was also really nice to spend some time with my little cousin Sam and his loverly girlfriend Sally. I guess that this is what Greenbelt means to me – spending time with friends and getting to chill out in a creative, spiritual and dynamic environment. I love it and I am already looking forward to next year.

(I know there are two pictures of birdie’s daughter Ginger, but that is because she is just so darn cute!! So also has a bit of a thing for The Mister. As soon as she is let out her her buggy she makes her way over to him and sits next to him, stroking his leg and resting her head on his shoulder… or fist bumping with him. Very, very cute indeed!