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Harewood House

The Mister and I have had a brilliant day out at the Harewood House Christmas Festival. It was beautiful and snowy and because of the bad weather there it wasn’t massively busy which was nice for us, but not so good for the stallholders.

The penguins seemed to be enjoying the snowy weather and were happily swimming around their pond. They also had some real life reindeers, rather randomly called Neville and max (who thinks Neville is a good name for a reindeer!!) As expected we had a couple of snowball fights, including a particularly enjoyable one with Tom standing at the bottom on a balcony and The Mister, Anne and I pelting him with snowballs. It was going well until I aimed one at Tom and he ducked and Andrew ended up with most of the snowball in his mouth. He cried, we laughed. He will probably need therapy forever! We also made a couple of fabulous snowpeople, Adam and Eve versions.

So, a brilliant day and we ended up at the Kestrel Pub near Harrogate. As always the food was excellent and they don’t seem to mind the kids entertaining everyone.

Here are a few pics as always… to see more click on one of them to go to Flickr…


Harewood House

Yesterday The Mister and I had a really nice day out to Harewood House with Tom and Anne and their boys. It was for a food and folk festival and it was such a beautiful day. Local producers of foods and crafts were there with their stalls and they had some giant teepees sent up, one of which had musicians playing and another was a storytelling tent.

I hadn’t been feeling terribly well the day before and was still feeling a little bit off-colour yesterday but it was such a gorgeous day that I had to go out! I thought I took loads of photos, but it would seem that most of them were of the penguins! I really want to go back to Harewood to explore the house and the grounds properly and we will probably go back before Christmas for their Christmas festival because I want to see Santa!

Here are just a few pics…