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2013 Project365 (Day 119)

The islandsThis afternoon The Little Mister and I went for a coffee with my friend Rachael and her gorgeous daughter who is a few weeks older than The Little Mister.

The strange thing is that Rachael and I were at school together and whilst we knew each other we weren’t especially good friends. Fate has now intervened and we find ourselves at similar points in our lives in terms of having children which is lovely.

So, this afternoon we sat and chewed the fat, drank coffee, nursed our babies and gazed at this glorious view.

Yeah, the simple pleasures of life are pretty spectacular these days.

2012 Project365 (Day 284)

Small islandsI have had a really lovely day today. The Mister and my Dad spent the day at the house boarding out the loft and they have got loads done and have done a really brilliant job.

Mum and I went shopping, partly because I wanted to buy a few Christmas presents and partly because I wanted to find a coat for Mum to get me for Christmas. It was just nice to be out with Mum and we both shop at speed. No faffing about!

We even managed to squeeze in a quick coffee and this was the view from out table. On the right hand side is Castle Cornet, the island to the far left is the edge of Herm and the little island next to it is Jethou. The island in the distance is Sark. I think it is such a pretty harbour and the view is wonderful. We are very lucky to live here.

2012 Project365 (Day 176)

Herm IslandToday I took the day off work and The Mister and his parents and I went over to Herm Island. A dinky, tiny and perfectly formed island just 3 miles by 1 1/2 miles, Herm is wonderful. It is peaceful and beautiful with sandy white beaches and walks across cliffs and through wooded areas.

Whilst Herm never disappoints the weather can sometimes be a little bit hit and miss. Nice and sunny when we started we did have a few drops of rain over the day but not enough to spoil our day out.

We are now home and feeling Herm tired. All that fresh air can’t be good for one!

There are a few more photos of our day out here.

Guernsey Day 4 – Herm Island

Another marvellous day. The Mister and I took a trip over to Herm Island along with my Mum and Auntie Josie. We also met up with my cousin Dan, his wife and their kids as they are staying in their permanent tent over there.

So, we got the 10.15am boat from Guernsey to Herm and then walked around half the island before finding our way to the gorgeous Belvoir Bay where we had lunch and sat for several hours. We had a little bit of peace and quiet before the rest of the tribe descended but it was gorgeous. We went swimming in the coldest water ever and just chilled out. Herm has no cars on the island, just a few 4 wheeled motorbikes to take the goods and luggage to the various self-catering accommodation. It is covered with bracken, gorse and other hardy plants. It can be a pretty windy island and in the winter I imagine it is a pretty bleak place to live.

I love Herm. It is probably one of my favourite places in the whole world and even these pictures will not demonstrate just how beautiful it is.


An island adventure

Well, we arrived in Guernsey on Tuesday and since then we have had pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine. It has been absolutely gorgeous, even if I have managed to get sunburnt. Yesterday we met my aunts and cousin and various children at the beach for a swim and then we went for a wander around town, before cruising around the island in my Mum’s sporty little car. In the evening we went to the open-air cinema by the beach to watch a truly crap film, but it was nice to be outside and relaxing.

Today we took a boat ride to Herm which was absolutely lovely and we sat in the beach and chillded out. The island is beautiful, sunny and relatively quiet as there are no cars. The sea though is bitterly cold, but we did manage a quick swim.

This is one of my favourite photos so far this week. This guy was on the boat to Herm and I noticed that he had a bottle of Coca Cola attached to one of the bottle holders on one side of his bag, but when he turned around I noticed he had a bottle of Bacardi the other side. Kind of perfect planning I reckon!!


As we are staying at my Gran’s house we have some amazing views, and in particular the sunsets are just fabulous. We are truly spolit indeed.