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2012 Project365 (Day 241)

The Roman BathsWe are staying a couple of night in Bath at the rather lovely 77 Great Pultney street. It is a small B&B with just one room they rent out and it right in the centre of Bath. We found it through the Alistair Sawdays website which always comes up with some real treats for unusual accommodation. Our hosts Ian and Henry are fantastic and we had one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Delicious.

I was hoping for a gloriously sunny day so we could go out exploring and what we have had is persistent rain which has been a bit disappointing. We went to visit the Roman Baths which is just fantastic. Not cheap to get in but well worth a visit. I tried really hard to imagine all the Romans who might have passed over the courtyards and through the baths. I love this picture which shows the Baths with the Abbey in the background. They are literally next to each other!

We also went to visit the Jane Austen Centre which was OK and moderately interesting. The Mister described it as being a bit like like the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester which I blogged about here. The Jane Austen Centre wasn’t that bad, but it contained very little that had much to do with Jane Austen other than it was “of the period”. Still, it got us out of the rain!

We also went to Bath Abbey which is lovely and has some beautiful textiles on display at the moment. Happily we also did some shopping before I collapsed back at the B&B for a rest before we go out for a curry tonight.

It has been lovely to have a couple of days to ourselves before we return home. It is all looking good to be in court on Tuesday so hopefully by this time next week we should have a house. Fingers crossed!

2012 Project365 (Day 234)

The MumblesToday Pants and Alien went home and then at lunchtime the rest of us wandered to The Mumbles. The weather was unpredictable – glorious sunshine one minute and then torrential rain the next.

We had a nice walk along the front and ended up having lunch in a café before continuing our wandering. The afternoon ended up with some fabulous ice-cream sundaes. Not exactly a cheap day out but a very pleasant one.

This photo is my godson Mark and his mother who are just sitting looking across the bay to Swansea.

Tomorrow we pack up and move on. A night in a hotel and then Greenbelt. Sadly the weather report is not exactly favourable!

2012 Project365 (Day 233)

A wet day Today the weather was meant to be reasonable but it was rubbish in the morning, quite rainy and not exactly ideal holiday weather. We decided to go to the Swimming Pool in Swansea which has flumes, whirlpools and a wave machine. The kids had a lovely time and we easily killed a couple of hours in there.

Lunch was a picnic outside the Swansea Waterfront Museum. Well, we were outside until a torrential downpour which forced us inside for coffee. This picture typically sums up our coffee shop experiences. This is Pants with her phone surfing the net. Even when camping we find it hard to give up the technology!

2012 Project365 (Day 232)

PaddlingOnce again today it rained in the morning and then cleared up beautifully by lunchtime. We went to the really lovely beach at Nicholaston which is a fabulous long beach with some dramatic cliffs. Unfortunately it is a steep walk down there and a nightmare walk back up because you have to cross a sand-dune which is pretty hard on the legs. I am blaming it on being nearly 6 months pregnant but I suspect it is because I am very unfit!

This is my lovely godson who enjoyed the water, until it splashed him in his face anyway!

2012 Project365 (Day 230)

Eh?Got up at 9ish and had a massive breakfast before driving the half an hour to the campsite where we met up with Pants and Alien. We are staying at Nicholaston Farm and it is absolutely beautiful.

The main problem today is that I have been unbelievably tired and hormonal and therefore grumpy. I hate feeling like this because my tolerance for anything is minimal at the moment!

The Mister went off down to the beach for a wander Nicholaston Beach and found this brick. No idea why it was there but I thought it was a nice picture!

2012 Project365 (Day 229)

On the boatToday The Mister and I had the day off work which was lovely. Did some packing and then went to catch the boat at 6.30. Of course the boat was running late so we didn’t end up leaving until 7ish, getting in at 11pm and then we had a long drive to Port Talbot arriving at 3am.

I was completely and utterly knackered but apart from the Sat Nav taking up cross-country for the first hour we had a brilliantly straightforward drive.

Camping here we come!

Greenbelt – August 2011

The final part of our holiday was at Greenbelt – every year it is a return to the scene of the crime where The Mister and I met! I was so looking forward to it this year as the lineup was fantastic. I most wanted to see The Unthanks, Ockhams Razor and Kate Rusby and the festival did not disappoint – except for the fact that the weather was a bit rubbish but at least it didn’t rain too much. It was also Tom’s 30th birthday so we helped him celebrate that properly!!!

As ever the best bits of Greenbelt were seeing lots of friends, old and new, and getting the chance to spend proper time with them. Greenbelt is always about people, it could have the worst line-up ever and I would still go, if only to see those I love and miss the most.

On the way back to the boat we stopped overnight in a lovely B&B and went to visit Stonehenge. Then we caught the boat home… back to our new life

So, here is a photo tribute… the majority of the pics can be found here.



Dorset – August 2011

After we had been in Dartmoor on our own for a week we were just about ready for a bit more company, so we travelled to Oathill Farm Campsite near Lyme Regos on the Jurassic Coast where we joined up with Pants and Alien, birdie and family, and Tom and Anne and the boys. Suddenly there was a massive group of us!

The campsite was fabulous, we had a field at the bottom where we put up all our tents and our giant gazebo which we used as a kitchen and lounge area – very useful as it rained such a lot! The site had the cleanest facilities I have ever seen, as well as a little shop and a tearoom serving awesome cream teas and an amazing Sunday roast.

We went out to a lots of differnet places including the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester (which is absolutely shit so save your money!!!), Lyme Regis, Charmouth where some of the group went fossilling and Haynes Motor Museum. The only downside to the week was that the weather was really changeable and we had quite a bit of rain.

However, we had a fantastic week. It was bliss to spend time with people who we get on with and the kids, in general, played well together.

Pics… on Flickr and a few here…