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Big decision made

Well, The Mister and I have made the massive decision to move back to Guernsey. Now our resignation letters have been given in at work and it is public knowledge we can get on with planning to biggest move either of us have made in ages.

This decision has taken many months to make and we are sure it is the right decision. For me Guernsey has always been home, no matter where I have lived it is always referred to as home and I guess it is the only place I could see myself living long-term. for The Mister I think the decision is more difficult, but it was he who suggested we made the move. I decided that I would never push for the decision as it is such a ginormous one!

So, why do we want to move? A better quality of life, a slower pace, less commuting, my family are all there and we get to live in an astonishingly beautiful part of the world. The downsides are mainly not having so much flexibility when it comes to travelling (without getting off the island first anyway!) and the cost of housing over there, but I guess that is the same for anyone. We don’t have jobs yet and we are going to have to move in with my parents for a while, but we will get what we want eventually, it just might take us a while!

Mind you, when I am uhming and ahhing all I have to do it look at this picture of our local beach. That makes me think we are making the right decision!

Sunset at Cobo


Sometimes it is just blissful to stay at home and do domestic things. It’s all very well disappearing off to weddings and suchlike at the weekends, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t need doing at home.

Today The Mister and I have pottered and that has included going to Debenhams to collect the rest of our wedding stuff, buying new shoes, going to the camping shop and The Mister has mowed the lawn and I made pizza dough and homemade pizzas for tea. Yum.

P1040189Here is a pic of my new shoes… I know they look like something my Mum would have made me wear when I was 5 but they are flowery and lovely and tres comfortable (they should be really as they are Dr Martens!)

The only thing is, I hadn’t actually gone into the shop to buy these… I need some new Birkenstocks because mine are starting to smell like something might have died actually in the footbed of the shoe. But they didn’t have any. So I had to buy these, and then I had to order some new Birkenstocks online when I got home. Oops… how did that happen?

P1040195These are the first potatoes that I have harvested from the bag… I did feel a little bit like James Herriot, rifling around trying to find them but aren’t they beeeeyoooootiful? I feel quite proud that I have managed to grow them. We also have flowering courgettes and tomatoes and there are some tiny fruit coming on the strawberry plants. We also have chilli plants which aren’t showing much signs of flowers or fruit yet!

Finally, a pic of the lovely foxgloves in our garden.


A restful weekend

I had a lovely weekend at home with The Mister. We had no plans, no social engagements to go to and it was absolute bliss! On Saturday we went up to Ilkley and sat by the river. Apart from the screeching children (none of whom seem to be able to communicate in anything other than shouts!) it was peaceful and lovely. On Sunday we spent the day in the garden. The Mister mowed the lawn and I potted up copious amounts of yummy edible things. We are now eating our own salad, and hopefully we will have tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and chillies in the near future. It was a very needed weekend of rest and relaxation.


Quick update

The Mister and I have had such a busy few days. Final wedding preparations, a hen do, lots of people to see and pick up form airports and a little bit of walking on the beach. It has been good to see both our families and catch up with friends, but it is very strange to have them in all the same place!

I still can’t believe we actually get married tomorrow. In some ways it feels like months in the planning, but in other ways it has crept up on us so fast! The Mister is staying at the reception venue tonight and I am at my parent’s house. I think we are both feeling much more nervous now we are apart and the poor Mister was asked by both my parents separately whether he was definitely going to turn up! Bless him!

Anyway, here are a quick few pics from the last few days. Next time I come back here I will be a married woman. I will put up some pics of the wedding as soon as possible!



Back on The Rock

IMG_0016Well The Mister and I finally arrived back in Guernsey. We were delayed by a couple of hours, but all in all it wasn’t too bad.

Just one photo to share with you because it amused me so much.

The Mister is a bugger for bookshops and I happened to catch sight of him reading a very useful book in one of the shops through departures. Made all the more amusing as he is actually holding my wedding dress!

I’m home.

Well I made it back in one piece. I even successfully brought back a wrought-iron plant trough-stand-thing that I had from Gran’s house. I just stuck a label on it and checked it into hold baggage on the plane. I got a few funny looks but it got through. As did all the crockery I packed in my luggage. Marvellous 🙂