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2013 Project365 (Day 2)

2 January 2013Look at this! Furniture in the right place and everything! Well, just the sofas. The stripey sofa is new to us. It is a lovely piece of John Lewis and is called a ‘snuggler’. Bigger than an armchair but smaller than a sofa it is just right for two to curl up in. It kind of fell off the back of a lorry and had been left in my Dad’s warehouse for several years so we have given it a new home. I’m all about charity!

The end of 2012

March 2012_6138Well, if I thought that 2011 was a momentous year then 2012 has really eclipsed it!

The Mister started his new job in January 2012 and we have both had to get used to him doing shift work. He seems to be enjoying his job, although hopefully there will be more developments that stretch him and give him more opportunities to show off his skills. Work for me has just continued along as usual. It would seem that drug users are the same wherever you work although the drugs of choice are different on the island.

August 2012_7001August 2012_7003Being back in Guernsey has been wonderful. The opportunity to spend time with my family has been fab. My nephew, Barnabas, and niece, Eden, have continued to entertain us throughout the year and it has been particularly nice to see the relationship between them and The Mister develop. He is brilliant with them!

DelilahThe sad bit of the year was when we had to have our lovely cat Delilah put to sleep. She had been getting more and more poorly and had renal failure, but she ended up getting hit by a car and had substantial injuries which meant that we had to take the tough decision. I know that it was the right decision, but I still really miss her. I miss the fact that she used to sit on my lap when I was watching TV.

The last day.In June we went to Sark Folk Festival which was absolutely brilliant, apart from the camping was pretty basic! The music was amazing and the opportunity to spend some time on the beautiful island of Sark was pretty special. I would love to go back in 2013 but all the tickets have been sold and I decided the only way that I would go back next year would be if we could do it in a B&B. Sadly, there all the rooms were booked up before the end of the 2012 festival. Oh well, another year then!

We also had a little trip to the UK to go to my cousin Sam and Sally’s wedding. It was fab, but boy was it wet! Shame it was in a marquee and I required my wellies by the end of the day!!

August 2012_7341As usual in August we went camping with Tom and Anne and the kids, and pants and Alien. We stayed at a lovely campsite in Wales and then went to Greenbelt which was pretty much a giant mudbath. I have never seen so much mud at a festival and by the end of the weekend the centre part of the racecourse was pretty much impassable. Also I was so happy to catch up with Peterson Toscano again. So many things had changed for us both since we had last seen each other. After the festival we stayed a couple of nights in Bath before catching the boat home.

August 2012_6997We bought a house in September after a ridiculously prolonged buying process and have spent the time doing it up, massively helped out by my Mum and Dad who have been absolutely fantastic. They have put up with us living with them for 18 months and have just worked so hard to help us get the house ready. We are deeply indebted to them (in many ways if you ask Dad!)

Of course the biggest change to our lives, and something that has taken most of the year to prepare has been the arrival of The Little Mister. I’ve made no secret over the year that we required assistance to help us conceive and I am massively grateful to the doctors who treated us.

The best presentThe Little Mister arrived on 14 December 2012 and he is absolutely wonderful. Better than I could ever have hoped for and the wait has been well worth it. I feel deeply for those people who shared my journey and experiences of struggling to conceive and I hope and pray that they will be successful in the coming year. I remember only too well how hard it is to hear other people’s news about their pregnancies or births and being disappointed and devastated. I still think of them often.

I end 2012 extremely grateful for what I have. The Mister has continued to be amazing and seeing him with The Little Mister has made me love him even more. We are blessed beyond all measure and very, very grateful. Thankyou to everyone who has continued to read this blog over the year, I have appreciated your comments and hope that you will continue to share the story with us.


2012 Project365 (Day 355)

KitchenI thought I would give you a break from baby photos today and go back to taking house pictures!

The carpets are in, the heating and electrics are about to be commissioned. The wood burner is fitted, and looks fabulous, and the kitchen is going in and looking truly lovely. I am so happy that all the things that I imagined in my head look just as nice in reality.

It is going to be so exciting when all our stuff comes out of storage. I can hardly remember what things we had so it will be like Christmas opening all the boxes!

2012 Project365 (Day 330)

DIY husband… and on to the final week at work. Thank goodness! I am cream-crackered!!

The Mister was busy at the house this morning painting the kitchen. I love this aqua colour that we are putting on the walls. The Mister is a little bit more reluctant but I think it is going to look just divine with a white kitchen, dark old wood table and chairs which have been covered in lovely stripey fabric.

I can’t wait to have a kitchen to myself again! Guess I will have to do more cooking though. There’s the downside!

2012 Project365 (Day 328)

Lovely wallpaper!Spent some more time at the house today, although I toddled off to yoga in the morning and left Mum and Dad and The Mister doing some wallpapering and painting.

By the time I got back they had put up this wallpaper in the spare room and I think it looks absolutely fabulous! I am so happy with it! I just can’t wait to start filling the house up with our furniture and things.

I was so tired this afternoon that I sat on the floor painting in the hallway painting along the skirting boards and I cried. I think I am overtired and hanging on to get through this week. I feel a little bit pathetic to be honest!

2012 Project365 (Day 324)

Time Team style trenchToday we appear to have had Time Team at the house putting a ginormous trench in to enable a electric cable to be run from the house to mains supply in the road. Apparently this is necessary as we are having electric central heating and the previous supply wouldn’t have coped.

Just another thing to add to the list of jobs that need to be done before we can move in. Shame the workmen severed the water pipes in the process. Bugger.