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2012 Project365 (Day 149)

Joey!!!Today I had to go to Jersey to visit the rehab. It was such a beautiful day again. Hot and sunny, the perfect day to catch a flight over to our neighbours.

I flew on a Trislander which is 15 seater plane with one captain and in Guernsey we call them ‘flying coffins’. Having said that, the view was absolutely beautiful and the islands practically sparkled beneath the plane.

On my return flight I was absolutely delighted to be able to fly on Joey. I slightly embarrassed myself as I literally gasped as I walked out of the airport terminal, unfortunately the rest of the passengers were men in suits who seemed rather nonplussed by the excitement of flying on Joey!

2012 Project365 (Day 77)

La Corbière LighthouseToday The Mister and I left the hotel (we stayed at The Inn if anyone wants to know and it was really nice) and went for a long drive, stopping off at whatever we fancied on the way. We went to the Jersey Eisteddfod Arts and Crafts exhibition and we also went to visit one of the restored German bunkers (Batterie Lothringen), rather conveniently we were the only people there so had a private tour around it.

Our drive continued with a lunch stop at the Old Portelet Inn. I have to confess that after this I had to stop for a little nap because I was so tired. Fully restored we paid a very quick visit to La Corbière lighthouse. Unfortunately it started raining so just a chance of a quick snap before going to get the boat home.

We have had a brilliant few days and there is just so much to see in Jersey, however, quite a lot of the stuff isn’t open this early in the year. Looks like we will have to go back again when more of the attractions are open!

2012 Project365 (Day 76)

Occupation bootsToday The Mister and I have been busy. This morning we went to the Jersey War Tunnels and it was absolutely fascinating.

The tunnels were built to be an underground hospital but they were never used for this purpose. They have now been converted into a museum telling the story of The Occupation of the island and how the islanders coped. It’s a really nicely done exhibition although the cost of admission was a little steep. To be perfectly honest, whilst Guernsey also has war tunnels and an underground hospital, they are not a patch on this one. The Guernsey tunnels are cold and damp with really poorly laid out shoddy amateur exhibitions. I hope that one day they improve them and they should definitely take advice from the Jersey tunnels!

This picture (which is a little bit rubbish I know!) is of a pair of genuine children’s boots that were made during the occupation. They have soles made of wood with tread made of car tyres. I took lots of other photos but most of them didn’t come out very well – I think we have knackered the lens on the camera and we really need to get it sorted!

The Mister and I then did a bit of shopping and we were so knackered that we went to the cinema to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It has an amazing cast including Judy Dench, Celia Imrie and Maggie Smith and it really made us laugh. To follow the film the only thing we could possibly eat was curry.

A fabulous day and I will be really sad to go home, and back to real life tomorrow!

2012 Project365 (Day 75)

Silverback gorillaToday The Mister and I spent all day at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – better known as Jersey Zoo. It is a brilliant place to go and visit and it was the the only zoo that houses only endangered breeding species. The zoo has an active breeding programme and also funds loads of projects involve din preserving the animals in their natural habitat. The zoo has an educational function and seems to welcome school groups.

I have to admit that going to a zoo in March might seem a bit daft but it was absolutely lovely. It was quiet and whilst there were a few animals that didn’t come out because it was too cold, most of the creatures were out an about.

I love all primates and Jersey Zoo has a fabulous orangutan and gibbon enclosure and a brilliant gorilla enclosure. The zoo is famous for its gorillas as in August 1986 a 5-year -old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. Jambo, the male silverback gorilla, stood guard over the unconscious child. He was observed to be protecting him and even stroking the child. The gorilla that is pictured here is called Bandongo and he is a young male. Apparently he is a bit of a stud-muffin and the three lady gorillas are all fawning over him and apparently he is getting a lot of sex! The keepers are hoping for a baby boom at the end of the year!

We had a lovely day, and I thoroughly recommend the zoo for a visit. Even better was we had vouchers to get in half price. Fab!

Jersey (it’s not just full of Crappeauds!)

I have had a fantastic weekend with my Mum and my sister Louise in Jersey this weekend. It is the first time that we have ever been away just the three of us and we had such fun. I arrived first on Friday and had a couple of hours to myself which I spent driving around looking at some of the beautiful countryside. Then I picked Louise and Mum up from the airport and we went back to the hotel (which was pretty basic and as my sister is such a snob she complained) before going out for dinner. Much of our weekend has been characterised by eating far, far too much!! After dinner we drove back to the hotel… the scenic route. Louise is CRAP at map-reading (although she will deny it) and we ended up going almost all the way around the idlans. Well, it was dark, and the road signs are truly rubbish!

On Saturday we got up early and went to visit Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (formerly known as Jersey Zoo). It is beautiful with loads of fantastic animals, including some amazing gorillas, gibbons and orang-urans which we watched for ages because they were so fun. In the afternoon we went to the beach (where I had a little sleep) before going to the town and doing some shopping. Mum goes crazy at the sight of a BHS these days. In the evening we went out for dinner again and ate marvellous ice-cream sundaes and then all felt sick.

This morning we went to La Corbiere where we walked to the lighthouse as it was low tide. The weather was absolutely beautiful and there were so many wonderful wild flowers out on the grass verges. Just gorgeous.

So, all in all, I had a fantastic weekend. It was just lovely to spend some proper time with Mum and Louise, without us all having lots of things we had to do and lots of other people around. Mum took the brunt of our teasing, in particular becaue her sense of direction is just terrible and she kept commenting on the beautiful hedges thinking they were the same ones she had seen before (usually they weren’t!) So, a fab weekend and here are a few little pictures for you to share in the experience with us….


And, my favourite picture of the weekend…