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2012 Project365 (Day 94)

Wedding AnniversaryTwo years ago today I married the most wonderful man in the world. He is unbelievably stable, loving, kind and generous and I am very, very lucky. I know full well how fortunate I am, and my moaning about struggling to conceive and not having a baby does not in anyway prevent me from recognising that I have a lot of good things already.

The day of our wedding started sunny and clear and the weather deteriorated so that by the time I was arriving at the church it was absolutely tipping down! I have spent a little bit of time trawling my photos just to find a few favourites to share with you. The thing that struck me all the way through was how truly happy we both look. That hasn’t worn off. There are days when I am sad, but in general I am very content.

Unfortunately The Mister is in the middle of three night shifts so I got out of bed and he got into it! So, I came home from work a bit early and we raced down to our favourite tearoom for a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. It wasn’t very long, but it was nice just to spent an hour with my lovely husband. So, the photo of the day is a quick photo of us, me looking tired after work and the Mister looking tired before work!

I am lucky. Sometimes I need to keep reminding myself that.

Ps) Here are a few bonus photos taken by our brilliant photographer Yasmin.

The end of 2011

Hong Kong Feb 2011_0416Dorset_3799Well this year has been quite a momentous year in lots of ways.

The Mister and I spent the first part of the year working hard and generally enjoying living on the mainland but we also spent a lot of time with friends and enjoyed travelling about and seeing people. We went to Hong Kong on February and in October and the chance to experience that amazing city will stay with us for a long time. In August we spent a week camping in Devon before meeting up with friends and camping in Dorset and then heading to Greenbelt. We also went to a family wedding on Somerset and managed to get a few days to ourselves and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Pickering in North Yorkshire.

Of course the most significant thing about this year is that we took the plunge and moved back to Guernsey. It was a decision that was a long time in the making and the actual moving part was stressful. I hope I don’t have to move anywhere long-distance for a long time! We are currently living with my parents whilst we save up for a house. This should be easier as The Mister has got a job and starts in January. Hurray!

EdenGsy_1849Being back in Guernsey in wonderful. It is lovely to be able to see the family and spend proper time there without having to rush off. My sister had another baby in February and Eden is hilarious to be around, and Barnabas continues to entertain. Of course being back at home means that my sister seems to consider us as another set of babysitters!

The year hasn’t all been good though. This time last year I was hoping that this would be the last time we celebrated Christmas and New Year as just a couple, I was hoping that by Christmas we would be a family. Sadly getting pregnant has proved to be more complicated than the Daily Mail makes out. We are waiting for an appointment at the fertility specialists but living in Guernsey means that we are having to wait quite a long time. My biggest fear is that we will require intervention such as IVF, and if that ends up being the case then we will almost certainly have to give up on our desire to have children, as we will not be able to afford it. There are no ‘free’ treatments on the island.

PA smiling bw Despite all this (and in spite of it all in some case!) I feel blessed. I live on a beautiful island, hopefully we will be able to buy our own house this year, and we have fabulous families on both sides. I am most fortunate though because I have The Mister and I recognise that I am truly blessed. He keeps me centrered, makes me feel safe, makes me laugh and is so very supportive.

So, a very Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope that 2012 brings more joy, and pleasure and let’s just hope that our dreams come true.

PS) The last picture of the two of us I shamelessly admit I nicked from (AllieW!)

Eden’s quilt

Finally I can upload these photos! I made Eden a quilt, similar to the one I made for Barnabas. I have to admit that all the way through I haven’t really liked this quilt, but now it is backed, edged and quilted I like it a lot more.

I hope that Eden will get plenty of use out of it and she will realise how much time and love went into making it.

The bottom photo is of my lovely helper! Every time I lay the quilt out to pin it she insisted on laying on it!

Josh & Gemmas wedding_1577
Josh & Gemmas wedding_1592
Josh & Gemmas wedding_1587
March 2011 - home_1014

Back to the Rock

The Mister and I have returned to Guernsey for a few days to spend some time with our family. It has been an absolutely gorgeous sunny day and we have spent most of it in the garden with my parents and sister, her husband, my nephew Barnabas, my niece Eden and my cousin Stefi.

It is good to be home. It is also quite hard. Today I met my gorgeous niece Eden Phoebe for the first time. It is impossible for me to describe how beautiful and cute she is. She is very sweet and my sister is very generous in letting me spend time with her. It is also hard as we started trying to conceive about the time my sister announced she was pregnant. So far, she has produced the lovely Eden and we have not managed to get pregnant yet. So, there are mixed emotions. Delight and pleasure at our new lovely niece, and sadness that we do not yet have a baby. I hope that the pain of the not-having is eased soon. It is pretty hard to manage those emotions and I have to admit that I have had a little cry.

Oh well, here are some photos….


Wedding Anniversary weekend

Last weekend The Mister and I went to Pickering for a short break. We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast called Grindale House which was lovely and comfortable with a fab breakfast. Best of all it was very central so we could leave the car and wander for the weekend.

On Friday night we went out for a fabulous meal at Castlegate Taberna and had the best tapas I have ever had. It was truly delicious and freshly cooked. On Saturday we had a wander around Pickering Castle, a quick visit to the North York Moors Railway and then we went to St Peter & St Paul Church which was the highlight for me. It has the most astonishing medieval paintings on the wall. They are so clear and really striking and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. On Saturday evening we went out for dinner at The White Swan – the meal was fabulous. However, it was very expensive and I decided it wasn’t twice as good as the tapas meal which was half the price! Mind you, I did enjoy the champagne!

We had such a nice weekend. I suddenly realised how knackered I am though and when I am at home I am always busy, whether it be cooking, cleaning or sewing. Suddenly having a weekend off meant I was shattered so I had the most blissful sleep on Saturday afternoon.

The best bit though was I got to spent time with The Mister. Time which we both need, and it was lovely!

April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1039April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1101
April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1096April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1094

First Anniversary

A year ago today I married my wonderful Mister. He is, without a doubt, my best friend and the biggest love of my life.

Although it sounds like I moan a lot about the things I don’t have, he is the one person who makes life amazing. He is so consistent, faithful, loving, generous and kind. My life without him would be infinitely poorer and I find myself relying on his quiet stability more and more every day. For that I am grateful. I can easily be all over the place, worrying about things and doing things at a million miles an hour. He is quiet and steady and he anchors me right into the place I most want to be.

Our wedding was the happiest day of my life. I had waited a long time to find the perfect man for me, and he was totally worth the wait. The day was so joyful, and truly reflective of us as a couple. The chance to share that with family and friends was amazing, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing… other than the torrential rain!

So Mister. Thankyou for making the last year truly amazing – the time has just flown by! I hope and pray we get many, many more years to be together and learn to love each other even more.

Life is good.


6 months!

Well today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. Time has absolutely flown by and it seems only yesterday that we were planning our wedding. Those 6 months have been full of laughter and I have discovered that I am quite good at being married! The Mister is amazing and he makes me feel so safe, secure, loved, and he even makes me feel beautiful (even when I am definitely not feeling like that!) I am happier now than I ever have been and that is definitely due in part to the fact that I feel settled. Lots of people would look at our relationship and wonder how it works. I am loud, The Mister is quiet, but we seem to compliment each other perfectly. I guess that’s what it is all about… finding someone who makes you into a better person than you can be alone. The Mister smooths off some of my rough edges, and he goes a long way to making me a nicer person. Not a different person, just nicer!

So, Mister. I love you, and thankyou for being my husband!


Kirkstall Abbey

Yesterday The Mister and I went for a little wander around Kirkstall Abbey. Two years ago I came up to visit The Mister for the first time and it was one of the places we visited on that weekend. It is a beautiful Cistercian monastery and is so imposing. I still find it incredible that it was built so long ago. It is so close to the centre of Leeds that it always surprises me when I see it on the bus on my way to work. When I was on the bus the other day it was really foggy and the Abbey kind of loomed out of the fog. Very eerie.

It still amazes me that it is two years ago I first came up here. Time has flown by so fast and so much has happened in that time. As I was walking yesterday I realised how grateful I am for the place I am currently in, and how grateful I am for The Mister. I am so fortunate. I live in a beautiful part of the world with a wonderful man, I have a house to live in and food to eat and a job I love. Life is good – it’s very good indeed.



This picture was taken in the same but I had to take the recent one with my phone because I forgot my camera. Doh!

My Mum


Today it is my lovely Mum’s birthday. It’s a big birthday…. but obviously I am not going to tell you how old she actually is!!

I love my Mum, she is the bestest Mum around and she has given me so much love, support, care and laughs over the years. She is great fun, an amazing organiser and I am missing living near her at the moment. We have lived apart for many years, but at the moment I wish I lived nearer. I wish she was around the corner and so that we could go out for nice walks and play Scrabble and just spend time together. However, she is in Guernsey and I am in Yorkshire. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a fantastic birthday and to tell her just how very much I love her!