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The weekend

I went up to Leeds to see The Mister this weekend. We had quite a few bits and pieces to do, but the major thing was trying to find a property to rent. We are hoping to move The Mister in sometime in January, and then me in February, but most of the estate agents told us that we were looking too early. Very annoying as it is probably one of the things that is making me most anxious. Oooo also my flat has gone on the market… I need someone to buy it immediately!!!

This little part of the journey is turning out to be much more emotional than I expected. I have lived in Hatfield for just over 10 years and by and large I have been extremely happy here. Suddenly the realisation of all I have to give up and leave behind is very strong; for example my job, my flat, my wonderful friends. I am not saying I don’t want to move because I do and I am really looking forward to being with and marrying The Mister and I am going because I love him!!!! I guess I am just feeling a bit sad about what I have to leave behind.


Having arrived back safely on the mainland today from my unexpected expected trip back to Guernsey, once again I am forced to reflect on what an amazing family I have and how fortunate I am. So often I take them for granted, particularly as I see more of my Mum’s side of the family than Dad’s.

For the first time in ages I have realised what a privilege it is to have both sides of the fmaily who are so diverse and interesting, as well as supportive and loving. Partly this was due to the fact that we were all together to celebrate the life of my lovely Grandpa, but what was also overwhelming was the delight from everyone about our engagement an the excitement from them about our forthcoming wedding. This is one of the reasons that I want to get married in Guernsey. My friends are incredibly important to me but it is my family who have helped to shape me into the person I am today. My friends have really done some of the icing on the cake, but it is my family who baked the cake in the first place (admittedly it is probably a fruit cake!). They have provided a strong, loving and challenging foundation for me and they have continued to love me despite my faults and when I have let them down.

Uncle John gave a lovely tribute at Grandpa’s funeral, and Dad gave me a transcript of what he said. This little bit really stuck in my mind…

“Our father had a very simple faith. The secret of his faith was also very simple He always felt he was a vulnerable human being. He knew that he could not serve God in his own strength. So every morning he had a time of quiet devotion, reading a passage from scripture, contemplating its truths and praying. We as children wish to thank our parents for their constant devotion to God and their Godly example during our formative years. They were both ordinary, humble Christians with human frailties that we human beings all share. We thank God for giving us the parents he did, in the same way as they themselves thanks God for us children. We thanks Dad and Mary for praying for all of us individually by name every day for so many decades. Only eternity will reveal the effectiveness of those prayers. Our parents’ constant prayer, and that of Mary too, was that we children and all our offspring would follow Christ so that when we leave this earth we shall be together in heaven and that family circle will not be broken.”

When I consider this as my family heritage I realise more than ever just how privileged I am. I also think of my lovely Gran Nora and include her in this tribute along with my Grandpa who died when I was 9 years old. I have been lucky enough to have had grandparents and parents who have continually prayed for me. What an amazing background to have.

Valentines Day and a party

Well this weekend has been fun.

Yesterday The Mister brought me chocolates and a card in bed… he scored big points on both counts. Then we wandered off to Bletchley Park where we went to visit The Computer Museum. I tell you, the things I do for love. Although I have admit to being vaguely fascinated by some of the old computers similar to the ones my Dad owned.

In the evening we went to a Be My Valentine party hosted by my friends Gwilym and Jon. It was fun with lots of people dressing up in their most fabulous outfits. As always with their parties though things were going great until the vodka shots appeared and then everything got a little messy.

So here are some pics for your delectation. If you want to see more then click on them to go to the flickr page.


One year on

Gran NoraI can’t believe that it is a year ago today since Gran Nora died.

Time seems to have zoomed passed over the last year and suddenly I am looking back and wondering where it has all gone. Time certainly is a healer and I no longer feel quite so keenly the loss of my lovely Gran. Of course, being on the mainland means that I can almost pretend she is still in Guernsey living in her hill-top house and sitting in her chair looking out at the sea. In reality I know that she is gone and the house has been sold.

I still have moments when I wish I could talk to her one last time, especially as the last time I saw her I was really drunk and I was trying to survive my sister’s wedding. On that day though I saw Gran at the church (before I was too drunk!) and I knelt on the floor next to her seat and rested my head in her lap and cried. She just stroked my hair and told me that she loved me. These days it is one of the most powerful images of my Gran that I can draw to mind and it still makes me cry.

Gran wasn’t a rolling around the floor, playing with her grandchildren sort of Gran, but, she was always interested, always wanted to know what was going on and would have done anything to make her children and grandchildren happy.

She loved playing Scrabble, even if she was really rather rubbish at the end and would fall asleep in the middle of her go whilst holding her letters in her hand. She would then make a jerky movement and spill all her letters into her skirt, before picking them up to do it all again.

2771328632_78476f1abdI loved her for the fact that she would tell the same old war stories time and time again, but she seemed to have different grandchildren to tell certain stories too… like we all had our own bit of the jigsaw.

I can still see her in my head standing in her front porch and watering her geraniums, or sitting in her big comfy chair, looking out to sea and attempting to do The Times crossword.

I have a huge admiration for Gran Nora, for surviving the German occupation of Guernsey with her faith intact and an unshakable belief in a good and loving God. For the fact that she would have missionaries to stay in her house on a regular basis which meant we got to meet some interesting people, for the fact that she prayed for her family every day.

I wish she was still around, and I wish she’d had the chance to meet The Mister. She would have loved him. I know she would.

I still miss her so much.