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2012 Project365 (Day 116)

Granite stepsI know this is a really, really dull photograph of some steps but today I have just gone from one meeting to the next so feel like I haven’t had time to do anything.

These are the one of the set of steps up to Market Buildings which were refurbished a few years ago. It used to be a proper meat, fish and fruit and veg market and now it is a bit soulless and a bit dull. It has a few shops in it, and a couple of businesses including the Guernsey probation service have offices upstairs. It seems to me they have missed a bit of a trick with it though. It could have been a lovely, quirky, crafty arcade. Instead it is a bit boring.

However, it is built out of the most beautiful Guernsey granite which is a gorgeous pinky colour and seems to glow in the sunlight (not that we have seen much sun today though!)

Medical matters and German sausages

I have had another happy and fabulous weekend in Leeds, apart from it taking me absolutely hours to get there. The drive was vile and by the time I arrived I was feeling alternately suicidal and homicidal. Oh well.

Excitingly on Saturday we went to theThackray Museum of Modern Medicine. I expected it to be a piddly little affair, but it was huge, and generally marvellous. They had re-created Victorian streets explaining what life was like in the city 150-or-so years ago. The museum looked at all the advances in medical sciences including treatment of diseases, vaccinations and treatments, moving on to look at modern medicine and advances in technology. I did try to persuade The Mister to put on one of those Pregnancy Empathy Belly things. Sadly he refused, possibly because he knows full well what I am like and was convinced that I would have taken photos. He is absolutely right. I would have done.

Of course the goriest bit (and the bit I found most fascinating) was the exhibition about amputations and anaesthesia. It is definitely well worth going to and rather unexpectedly we got two adult admissions for the price of one which was a bonus. Also, they had Charles Dickens there telling stories and a craft fayre, which wasn’t up to much to be honest.

In the evening we went to the German Christmas Market which was sparkly and lovely. We drank mulled wine, ate German sausages and garlic bread and just wandered and watched what was going on. Lovely.