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Moving to Guernsey is time-consuming and costly. We have spent much of this day trailing about from States department to States department to get the car re-registered. First of all we had to take it to the weighbridge to have the car weighed, then to the driving licence and transport place where we sat and waited for about half an hour to hand all the paperwork in. Then we had to go get new licence plates (we are now the proud owner of a car with back licence plates with shiny silver numbers but no letters!) All of these places take cash of you for the privilege of seeing them.

The only saving grace is that because everything is so close it doesn’t take long to drive anywhere. Tomorrow we have to try and get social security numbers, sort out tax stuff out and see the bank manager about opening Guernsey bank accounts.

What fun.

On the plus side, we sat in the garden and played scrabble and then walked to the beach and went for a swim in the clear blue sea. Ooo I also phoned up my old singing teacher and said ‘hi, I’m home’… and her response was “choir practice is on Monday night from 7.30-9pm. We have a wedding on Saturday and a concert a week on Monday”.

Life is good.


At the moment life is very busy and tiring and there is almost too much going on. Mainly we are starting to pack up the house and get things ready to move. Packing is even more complicated by the fact that we are having to pack for three different things; stuff to go into storage, stuff to go to Mum and Dad’s and stuff for camping. It seems to make things even more complicated.

We haven’t even really thought about jobs yet. However, I did have a very interesting conversation though with a guy who might be able to help somewhat with the job thing. It’s quite a strange story as my aunt and uncle who live in Argentina met this guys elderly parents out there and they told my aunt and uncle that their son lived on The Rock… so when they were there they met up with him, talked to him about me and gave me his phone number. So, I texted him and he phoned me and it turns out he is a consultant psych working in mental health and his good mate is the drug and alcohol consultant. How weird is that (if you follwed the story!)… maybe there is something in this planning that isn’t just of us and maybe God is involved just a little bit too.

The Big Move!!

Today it is all happening!! My flat is going to be packed into a van and move Up North. at the moment I am sitting surrounded by boxes. It’s amazing just how much stuff was stashed into this house – it wa a little bit like the Tardis!!

Last night The Mister and I went to my surrogate Mum and Dad’s house for a leaving meal with about 20 people. It was brilliant and there were people there I haven’t seen for ages. Good food and company and plenty of good wine. Auntie Billie turned up and joined me with a bit of wine-drinking (thank goodness The Mister has now passed his driving test!) and we had a brilliant time.

I so realised last night just how many wonderful friends I have. My surrogate mum and dad have been amazing to me over the last 10 years and I am not sure that I would have been so happy here if I had never met them. They are two of the most generous people I have ever met, both materially, but also emotionally. Their large and racous family have provided me with a safe space to be me, and of course as Auntie Billie is their eldest daughter, that contact has always been fun.

So last night was a little hard, but also positive. These people have seen me through some of the most difficult church-related problems in my life, but somehow we have all come out live and kicking. So, celebrating my move with them last night seemed like a particularly fitting end.

I have been very blessed with great friends, and I am sure I will find more Up North. I just have to be prepared to get out there and get on with it!!!

The big move!!

I am still here!!! I have been in Guernsey for a week and The Mister and his Mum joined me at the weekend. It has been lovely to have some time at home and just do a few bits and pieces towards the wedding, whilst also seeing my family. So, we fly home today and then it is all systems go with the move. The Mister and I go back to my flat today, pack everything up and my parents arrive with a van on Thursday which we then have to pack, drive up to Leeds and on Friday we will unpack the van before Mum and Dad come back down to catch the boat back to Guernsey on Sunday. Should be a busy few days!!

I have to admit that I am still pretty anxious about the move. Not because I don’t want to go, but it is such an enormous change. I haven’t had to develop a whole new community for about 10 years, so this is going to be a test of how good I am at making new friends! I am sure it will be fine, it will almost certainly be easier if I find a church to get involved with. I have to admit though I am quite liking not having a job at the moment! But (before The Mister starts shouting in my ear that I have to get a job) I have applied for a job in Leeds working with the homelessness team as a drugs worker. Looks like it would be quite an interesting job. The closing date is next week so we will wait and see what happens.

So, this is a week of enormous changes. I would appreciate your prayers that the move goes well, that I don’t have a complete nervous breakdown and that The Mister and I are truly able to enjoy the start of our new life together.

(I am hoping we will be online as soon as we move in – broadband was one of the first things we got sorted out… how sad is that???!!!)

Busy, busy

Well things have been pretty busy in Doris-land. I have been up in Leeds because I had an interview in Northallerton. I didn’t get the job because, of all things, I messed up a Child Protection question. I guess in some ways it made things a little easier for me because I wasn’t sure I wanted the job anyway, and I wasn’t sure what I would have said if they offered it to me. However, the team manager gave me some very helpful feedback about the interview, and said that she would shortlist me again if I applied for another job.

I have also been looking around Harrogate and Leeds for places for us to live. We were considering buying up here, but trying to sell my flat and buy another place was all becoming a bit much, so I think we are going to try and rent in Leeds for a few months. At least it will give me a chance to move up here and get my head straight, as well as giving us a chance to decide where we want to live.

So, I am feeling a little better. A little more in control, and I guess we just have to take one thing at a time. So, we need to find somewhere to rent and I need to get my CV done so that I can put my application out to a few agencies. I think I might do temp work for a little while. The money is reasonable, and there would be no responsibilities other than turning up and getting on with my work.

Life is busy, but it is also good.