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2013 Project365 (Day 36)

My amazing MumTwice a week my Mum looks after my niece and nephew for the day whilst my sister works for the charity. It’s a huge commitment for Mum and I think she is rather brilliant for it.

She will become even more brilliant from June when she also helps with looking after The Little Mister when I gp back to work four days a week. The Mister works shifts which can be a pain in the arse at times but does help with childcare so between them Mum and The Mister will cover the days I am working. Once again we couldn’t manage without family support.

2012 Project365 (Day 310)

Gingham cribMy brilliant Mum has re-lined the family crib for the baby.

I have been told that most of my Dad’s side of the family have slept in this when they were tiny, starting with my Uncle John and he was 70 last week!

I asked Mum to line it in red gingham before I knew I was having a boy and I love how it has turned out!

It looks like Winston is going to have one knitting granny (The Mister’s Mum) and one sewing granny (my Mum). It’s always good to have balance.

Here are a few more pictures of the crib.

2012 Project365 (Day 251)

Sunday DowntimeGood book Mum?

Yesterday was so busy and we ended up going to Lucy and Luke’s evening do for a short while before going to Proms on the Pier to end a fabulous day.

Today has been a little more relaxed, The Mister was working all day unfortunately and the rest of us have watched TV and napped. I even went back to bed at one point because I was so tired.

Roll on another week!

2012 Project365 (Day 155)

Scrabble QueensAfter a really busy day yesterday this afternoon was all about relaxing.

Mum and I sat in front of the TV and watched the river pageant and played Scrabble. Dad watched the pageant in between his naps and The Mister read his Kindle.

It was lovely to have an afternoon with no schedule and I particularly like it when I get the chance to play Scrabble with Mum. We love this game and I have probably been playing it since I was about 10 years old. These days however, I can beat Mum… just like I did today! I have lots of memories of playing with Gran Nora as well as Mum, and as Gran got older she would seriously make words up, or she would browse through the Official Scrabble Words… basically cheating. Playing Scrabble has been such an integral part of my life for so many years I can’t imagine not playing regularly.

2012 Project365 (Day 136)

Happy birthday MumToday is my lovely Mum’s birthday. It goes without saying that she is the most brilliant Mum in existence (yes she will read this!) and I hope she had a lovely day.

Tonight The Mister and Mum and Dad and I went to our local pub for a meal. We sat and looked out at the gorgeous setting sun over the rough sea and we were grateful for living on such a beautiful island. As always the food was marvellous and Mum managed to drink a whole pint of cider and walk home in a straight line. Result!

Happy birthday Mum. We love you!

2012 Project365 (Day 78)

Mother's DayMothering Sunday is one of those days that brings massive mixed emotions for me.

I love my Mum so much and she has been the amazing support to me over the years. I am very grateful to her for all the she does for me and all that she is to me. Without her I would be so much poorer (not just financially!) and it is so nice to be living with her again!

However, Mothering Sunday also makes me feel really sad. I thought I would be a Mum by now and yet it hasn’t happened. Mother’s Day just serves to remind me of the fact that I feel like a failure and I am devastated that I am not a Mum, and don’t know whether I will ever manage to become a Mum. I decided not to go to church today because I just couldn’t face it. Too many reminders of the things I don’t have. Sometimes it is just too painful.

Today’s picture is of my Mum and me nephew Barnabas. They are reading the book that he gave to Mum as a Mother’s Day present. I hope, more than anything, that one day she will be a Grandma to my children too.

Oh, and a massive hello to my mother-in-law Beryl (I know she reads my blog!). We miss you and love you too! Happy Mother’s Day.

2012 Project365 (Day 52)

The Pancake ChefYesterday The Mister asked me if I was going to make him pancakes today. I said no, as I don’t like them.

Fortunately my Mum loves both my Dad and her son-in-law very much so she made a nice big fat pile of them. So, whilst I was at Zumba they ate this little lot.

Cue one happy Mister! 🙂

My Mum


Today it is my lovely Mum’s birthday. It’s a big birthday…. but obviously I am not going to tell you how old she actually is!!

I love my Mum, she is the bestest Mum around and she has given me so much love, support, care and laughs over the years. She is great fun, an amazing organiser and I am missing living near her at the moment. We have lived apart for many years, but at the moment I wish I lived nearer. I wish she was around the corner and so that we could go out for nice walks and play Scrabble and just spend time together. However, she is in Guernsey and I am in Yorkshire. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a fantastic birthday and to tell her just how very much I love her!


Jersey (it’s not just full of Crappeauds!)

I have had a fantastic weekend with my Mum and my sister Louise in Jersey this weekend. It is the first time that we have ever been away just the three of us and we had such fun. I arrived first on Friday and had a couple of hours to myself which I spent driving around looking at some of the beautiful countryside. Then I picked Louise and Mum up from the airport and we went back to the hotel (which was pretty basic and as my sister is such a snob she complained) before going out for dinner. Much of our weekend has been characterised by eating far, far too much!! After dinner we drove back to the hotel… the scenic route. Louise is CRAP at map-reading (although she will deny it) and we ended up going almost all the way around the idlans. Well, it was dark, and the road signs are truly rubbish!

On Saturday we got up early and went to visit Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (formerly known as Jersey Zoo). It is beautiful with loads of fantastic animals, including some amazing gorillas, gibbons and orang-urans which we watched for ages because they were so fun. In the afternoon we went to the beach (where I had a little sleep) before going to the town and doing some shopping. Mum goes crazy at the sight of a BHS these days. In the evening we went out for dinner again and ate marvellous ice-cream sundaes and then all felt sick.

This morning we went to La Corbiere where we walked to the lighthouse as it was low tide. The weather was absolutely beautiful and there were so many wonderful wild flowers out on the grass verges. Just gorgeous.

So, all in all, I had a fantastic weekend. It was just lovely to spend some proper time with Mum and Louise, without us all having lots of things we had to do and lots of other people around. Mum took the brunt of our teasing, in particular becaue her sense of direction is just terrible and she kept commenting on the beautiful hedges thinking they were the same ones she had seen before (usually they weren’t!) So, a fab weekend and here are a few little pictures for you to share in the experience with us….


And, my favourite picture of the weekend…


Mum :)

Picture 041

Today is my lovely Mum’s birthday. She is an amazing Mum. Always there for me, being supportive, but also challenging me when I am out of order (which is quite often). She is fun to be with, plays a good game of Scrabble (but not quite as good as me these days) and she cooks a fabulous roast dinner! I really miss being able to go out walking with her, just chatting about what has been happening and spending time with her. She is fab company and she loves her smart little sporty car. It is possibly her only real nod to being materialistic!!. I miss her a lot, and I love her for all the things she has given me and the fact that she has helped to make me the person I am today. She has taught me so much and she is a far, far more gracious person than I could ever be!

This year Mum received a totally hand-made birthday gift from me this year. She got a fabulous hand-made card, but I also made her an apron and some lavender bags.

When Peterson was staying with me last week I could hear him singing really loudly in my front room. Nothing too unusual about that until I came downstairs to see him prancing about in Mum’s apron and wearing the lavender bags as earrings. So…. here is my glamorous model 😉

Peterson wearing my Mum's birthday present!