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2013 Project365 (Day 33)

Sorting woodThis weekend my niece and nephew have come to stay at their grandparents whilst their parents have a little break to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

This afternoon Mum and I took Barnabas and Eden out to the play park and when we got back Barnabas was helping Dad “sort wood”.

Barnabas is awesome and I have to say that he has been so, so sweet with The Little Mister. He regularly comes up to him and stroked him on the head, especially if he is crying he will try to comfort him. It’s really lovely to see.

The most amusing bit of the afternoon though was that I happened to catch sight of Barnabas wielding a large saw trying to cut up a log. Health and safety? What’s that?!!!

2012 Project365 (Day 349)

The FamilyI had a fairly sleepless night on the ward last night and was shattered this morning. Fortunately The Mister arrived to look after The Little Mister and I was able to have a little sleep.

We came home this afternoon and it is blissful to be home and it was especially lovely to see Barnabas and Eden with The Little Mister. Barnabas was so sweet and he just seemed to be looking at him really curiously. I hope that they will all be good friends in the future.

This picture is Barnabas with Auntie Jen and The Little Mister. Lovely.

2012 Project365 (Day 300)

BakingI had hoped for a more exciting photo for the big 300 but it hasn’t quite happened.

My Mum has been looking after my niece and nephew for the last couple of days as my sister has been in Uganda with her charity Hope For a Child. Dad has also gone with her to see the projects that they are supporting out there.

When I was a child I remember baking with Mum and it seems that she is keeping up the tradition with the grandchildren. Lovely.

2012 Project365 (Day 269)

The veggie patchDad’s vegetable patch is nearing the end of the season, some things have done really well like the carrots, other things like the tomatoes have been a complete disaster.

So, we are eating up the last few beans and carrots that have been coming through. Delicious! Here are Barnabas, Eden and Mum digging them up.

Just as well the veggie patch is coming to the end of the season though, dad has plenty to be getting on with in our house!

2012 Project365 (Day 268)

Trouble x3My sister and my brother-in-law have gone to London for the night and Mum is in charge of their kids. Unfortunately this house is full to the brim so she has had to go up to their house to sleep for the night. When The Mister and I arrived home from work she seemed quite grateful to see us to help us entertain Barnabas and Eden for a bit.

They are full of beans and great fun, and Barnabas is definitely understanding about the baby which is very sweet. It will be lovely for Winston to have big cousins to play with!

2012 Project365 (Day 258)

16 September 2012After yesterday’s excitement I was absolutely shattered, so I had a bit of a lie in and then my sister and the kids came over for lunch. They have been on holiday so I have missed them.

Dad found a grasshopper on one of the flowers and Eden was really fascinated by it and kept trying to poke it. Barnabas was a little more nervous and didn’t want to hold it. Cute pic though.

2012 Project365 (Day 216)

Guernsey Bathing PoolsThe weather has been a bit changeable here today. Lovely sunshine for a while and then big drops of rain. This afternoon I went to the Bathing Pools with my sister and my niece and nephew. The pools are filled with salt water every time the tide is high which makes them lovely and clean with fabulous views out towards Sark and Herm.

We met up with Mum, my aunt and her two grandsons there. We managed at least an hour before the rain started coming down, but by the time we had decamped to a coffee shop the sun had come out again. Typical!

This picture is of my second cousin Jacob and my nephew Barnabas chasing each other around the edge of the pool.