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2013 Project365 (Day 58)

Birthday girlToday our awesome niece Eden is two years old.

She is one of the most entertaining two year olds I have ever met. She is feisty, determined and stubborn but loving, chatty and charming too and life would definitely be less splendid without her!

Eden’s parents bought her this fantastic kitchen for her birthday and The Mister and I gave her some pots and pans to go with it. The Little Mister gave her wooden vegetables. Toys like these are brilliant for creative play and I love to see kids using their imaginations in their play.

So my darling Eden, Happy Birthday. Stay amazing, feisty and determined because we love you like that!

2013 Project365 (Day 57)

Birthday fairy cakesTomorrow our gorgeous niece will be 2 years old. I can’t believe that time is flying by so fast.

My sister seems to have gone from planning a quiet party with cake to a full-blown shin-dig, so I thought I would help out by making some fairy cakes.

These are vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing (which was meant to be piped on beautifully but I didn’t have a nozzle big enough so we have gone for the ‘rustic’ look!) topped with jelly beans or Jelly Tots. They are delicious!

2013 Project365 (Day 32)

EdenMy beautiful niece is becoming more and more amusing. Today I went with her and my Mum to the Coffee Stop at Eldad Church.

We watched Eden play happily, making up the baby bed and tucking the dolly in.

She just makes me laugh, chattering away to herself and if you get too close to her and she wants to be on her own she gestures with her hand and shouts ‘away!!!’. She calls me Nana which makes me laugh and she has a larger than life personality. Generally she is just a bit bonkers.

Stubborn, determined and awesome. That’s my niece!

2012 Project365 (Day 333)

ParkI left work a bit early today and went to the park with my sister and the kids. It was a bit muddy and Eden was dressed in her fur coat and pink wellies, accessorised by muddy tyre marks up the back of her legs thanks to her big brother.

I really wanted to take a photo of Barnabas on his cool balance bike but he wasn’t happy to be photographed today, unlike Eden who is always happy to say ‘cheese’ for her Auntie’s camera! I think Eden’s willingness to be photographed is why I have more pictures of her in general.

2012 Project365 (Day 331)

ConcentrationThe Mister has bought a new lens for the camera – I have no idea what it is so don’t ask me any technical questions but it does take nice pictures.

My niece Eden was hilarious this afternoon. We were watching Kitten Cam and if you said to her, “Count the kittens Eden” she would go “Two, nine, two, nine” and then grin. I think we need to work on her counting!

2012 Project365 (Day 312)

So cool!Our niece Eden truly is the coolest little girl around.

She is also one of the feistiest. This evening I went up to help my Mum put them to bed whilst my sister and brother-in-law went to the cinema. She was fine until Mummy left and then we had full blown histrionics including lying weeping at the front door. Thank goodness for an iPhone full of photos of cats and her beloved Uncle!

She’s determined, but then again so am I. It was a battle of wills tonight. I won.

2012 Project365 (Day 300)

BakingI had hoped for a more exciting photo for the big 300 but it hasn’t quite happened.

My Mum has been looking after my niece and nephew for the last couple of days as my sister has been in Uganda with her charity Hope For a Child. Dad has also gone with her to see the projects that they are supporting out there.

When I was a child I remember baking with Mum and it seems that she is keeping up the tradition with the grandchildren. Lovely.

2012 Project365 (Day 269)

The veggie patchDad’s vegetable patch is nearing the end of the season, some things have done really well like the carrots, other things like the tomatoes have been a complete disaster.

So, we are eating up the last few beans and carrots that have been coming through. Delicious! Here are Barnabas, Eden and Mum digging them up.

Just as well the veggie patch is coming to the end of the season though, dad has plenty to be getting on with in our house!