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2012 Project365 (Day 268)

Trouble x3My sister and my brother-in-law have gone to London for the night and Mum is in charge of their kids. Unfortunately this house is full to the brim so she has had to go up to their house to sleep for the night. When The Mister and I arrived home from work she seemed quite grateful to see us to help us entertain Barnabas and Eden for a bit.

They are full of beans and great fun, and Barnabas is definitely understanding about the baby which is very sweet. It will be lovely for Winston to have big cousins to play with!

2012 Project365 (Day 258)

16 September 2012After yesterday’s excitement I was absolutely shattered, so I had a bit of a lie in and then my sister and the kids came over for lunch. They have been on holiday so I have missed them.

Dad found a grasshopper on one of the flowers and Eden was really fascinated by it and kept trying to poke it. Barnabas was a little more nervous and didn’t want to hold it. Cute pic though.

2012 Project365 (Day 227)

Sheep sheep!Whilst I was slaving away in the office today The Mister went to The West Show with my Mum, my sister and the kids. In Guernsey we have three different local agricultural shows and most of them have baking, floral, craft, fruit and veg, and other competitions. They also have cattle, goats and other livestock and fur and feather.

Our local show is the The North Show and unfortunately we are always at Greenbelt. So, my cake is in the freezer and ready to be entered. It’s hot competition!

The Mister took loads of photos today of the kids at the petting the rabbits and other little furry creatures, however, this is my favourite picture of the day; my sister and my niece looking at the sheep.

2012 Project365 (Day 216)

Guernsey Bathing PoolsThe weather has been a bit changeable here today. Lovely sunshine for a while and then big drops of rain. This afternoon I went to the Bathing Pools with my sister and my niece and nephew. The pools are filled with salt water every time the tide is high which makes them lovely and clean with fabulous views out towards Sark and Herm.

We met up with Mum, my aunt and her two grandsons there. We managed at least an hour before the rain started coming down, but by the time we had decamped to a coffee shop the sun had come out again. Typical!

This picture is of my second cousin Jacob and my nephew Barnabas chasing each other around the edge of the pool.

2012 Project365 (Day 194)

Creative playI love this photo because it shows Eden engaging in some lovely creative play. For Christmas last year my Mum bought Barnabas this amazing Playmobil Farm. He loves it and I so does Eden ad I love watching them play with it. I reckon it took Dad about 3 hours to put all the pieces together!

Today I was watching Eden fish through all the teeny tiny little pieces. She made me laugh because she would find a hat and then she would put it on her head, she would find a tiny glass and drink out of it, a farm hay fork and pretend to eat off it. It is brilliant to see a small child learning through play.

2012 Project365 (Day 161)

Squishy!Today has been another wet Sunday. My sister and the kids came over for lunch and of course The Mister shouldered some of the burden of entertaining them.

Eden continues to have spectacular tantrums which usually involve her throwing herself on the floor and rolling about wailing. She has a couple of splendid bruises on her forehead at the moment and she certainly is strong willed.

Eden has started walking a bit more confidently but she still especially likes going in and out of the conservatory door.

2012 Project365 (Day 147)

The Mister and his PosseWe have had a busy day, starting with a little bit of photography at Yasmin’s Studio. Then we put up our small tent and waterproofed it as we are off to Sark Folk Festival in a few weeks (I can’t wait!!)

This afternoon we went to the beach with my sister and our niece and nephew, Eden and Barnabas. I have to admit that living back in Guernsey is bliss at times! The ability to go to the beach on a nice day and to sit there and watch the world go by is just lovely. My relationship with my sister has improved immensely since we moved home and it is just a pleasure to be here. I know that sounds smug, but it was a massive decision to move back here and it is lovely to feel like it is paying off!

Tonight The Mister and I are going to see a comedian, Rufus Hound which I am looking forward to. A perfect end to a perfect day!

2012 Project365 (Day 121)

Ew! Grubby!After work I popped in to see my sister and the kids. I was greeted with the sight of my niece, absolutely filthy and soaking wet from below the waist.

Their sandpit was full of grubby rainwater and Eden, being the grubster that she is, decided that there was much fun to be had getting in and out and splashing the water with her legs.

I think she looks so mischievous here!

2012 Project365 (Day 118)

Double troubleTonight I am babysitting for Barnabas and Eden. My sister and brother-in-law have gone off to some posh dinner where she is giving a speech about the charity. I am sitting on the sofa in my comfy clothes watching the TV – seems like the wrong way around to me!

Fortunately The Mister came and helped me bathe them and put them to bed, it is much easier when you have one each. Before my sister left she commented that Eden was being a bit of a pickle at bed times and refusing to go down. Is it wrong to be feeling especially smug that she is sound asleep about 15 minutes after I put her to bed?

2012 Project365 (Day 92)

Say CheeseThe Pointer!Here is The Mister with our lovely niece Eden. She is really, really fond of The Mister, mainly because she is unbelievably bossy and points in the direction she wants to go and at the things she would like to loo at, and off The Mister trots with his tiny Kommandant in his arms.

I love seeing him with Eden. He is so generous and loving and he will make the most amazing father one day. I hope so much that he will get the opportunity to be a Dad as he will be brilliant. There are so many people who seem able to create babies who are will be shit parents and shouldn’t be put in charge of a vulnerable young life in a million years, but those people who could do a good job seem not to manage to conceive sometimes.

This is a second picture which amused me. It’s Eden helping Paul with his Open University marking. You can see her pointing finger at the ready though should she need to get him to move somewhere!