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2012 Project365 (Day 294)

QuiltTonight we went out for a really nice Tennerfest Meal at The Crow’s Nest. We went with my cousin Nic and his wife Debbie and it was nice to have a chance to catch up as they are also expecting a baby a few days before we are. Unfortunately the photos I took are really dark and not that great.

So, a bit of craft instead. This is my ongoing quilt for the baby. I have been trying to work out how to place the rest of the zig-zag pieces. I have to admit that I am not that keen on it at the moment. I find it a bit insipid! Hopefully it will grow on me though!

2012 Project365 (Day 211)

QuiltHaving made two baby quilts, one for my niece and one for my nephew. Now I get to make one for my own baby. That is such a nice feeling.

I decided to go with the same pattern for the one I used to make Eden’s quilt as I love the way it looked. The only fabric that I could buy that I vaguely liked was a bunch of yellow patterns. As usual I am not massively keen yet but I am sure that it will look fabulous.

2012 Project365 (Day 189)

Rainbow wedding quiltOK, I have to admit that this photo wasn’t taken today but these pics have been kept secret.

I made this quilt for Sam and Sally as a wedding present. It ended up being bigger than I thought, about king-sized because it grew and grew. I wanted it to look liked a rainbow stained-glass window. I know Sam and Sally love everything rainbow coloured!

It was an easy quilt to make. I cut fabric into the same width but random lengths and then machined them together into a long length. I was then about to cut them to the right width and sew them together after that. It was a big job based on the size rather than the complexity of the job!

I love the end result and I hope the bride and groom appreciate how much time and love went into making it.

These gorgeous photos were taken by my friend Yasmin who is the very talented lady who took the wedding photos. She did a brilliant job so follow the link to her blog to take a look!

Here is another photo that Yasmin took but if you want to see the whole set then click on the pic and go through to Flickr. She took some gorgeous pictures!

2012 Project365 (Day 123)

Quilted LovelinessI am now on the the final stretch of finishing off my quilt. I have wadded it, backed it, added the bias binding and now I am spot quilting it to hold it all together. This bit is very tedious but it will make a huge difference to how durable the quilt will be in the future. I love this quilt. The colours are fabulous and it is turning out just the way I wanted it to!

2012 Project365 (Day 65)

Rainbow of patchwork!I am busy patchworking at the moment. This time however I am doing some machine patchwork but the preparation seems have taken forever!

I am sewing long lengths (10 metres!) of each colour, with varying widths of different patterns in one colour theme, these will then be put together in colour block so they look more impressive! I have ironed the red, yellow and purple strips but the other colours have yet to be ironed flat which is why they look a lot more scruffy! It’s going to look fabulous when it’s done though!

I love patchworking, and I love seeing something come together. I know this isn’t the best picture in the world but I kind of forgot about taking one tonight. The light was going and my phone didn’t really know which pattern to focus on I think!

Hmmmm lovely!!!


It’s finished!!!

1600 patchwork pieces.
10 different colour blocks.
Over 160 different fabrics.
Just over 2.50 metres square.
Edging and backing fabric ‘liberated’ from my Mum’s fabric chest.

I love it!!! It has ended up much bigger than I expected, but I like the fact that it hangs right down both sides of the bed. It has taken me years to complete it, mainly because I forgot I had been doing it for a while and rediscovered it in the back of my cupboard.

Technically it isn’t a complicated quilt. Handstiched 5cm squares stitched into 4×4 blocks which were then randomly (carefully!) placed to ensure that the same blocks weren’t too near each other. Edged in blue, then edged in a cream fabric with little blue flowers on it. Then I backed the quilt top with a cotton, then with wadding, another sheet of cotton and then the backing fabric to match the cream blue flowery edging (actually I had to stitch 2 pieces of the backing fabric together, and it was only after I had finished it I notied that I had turned one piece by 90 degrees. Oh well!!). Finally I added bias binding which I machined through all layers to make it strong. Finally I spot quilted in the corner of each square using a button.

Lastly… I autographed and dated my masterpiece!