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2012 Project365 (Day 237)

Glorious mud!This photograph completely sums up today at Greenbelt. In the middle of the afternoon the heavens absolutely opened and the rain was positively biblical! Fortunately The Mister and I were tucked up in our tent as I was absolutely shattered and having an afternoon nap.

When we went back onto site in the evening the rain had created a massive mudbath – thank goodness for walking boots… and later on wellies!

I was trying very hard to get a photo of our boots without my 6-month pregnant belly getting in the way. It would seem that Winston the bump is happy to make his presence known as often as possible!

2012 Project365 (Day 233)

A wet day Today the weather was meant to be reasonable but it was rubbish in the morning, quite rainy and not exactly ideal holiday weather. We decided to go to the Swimming Pool in Swansea which has flumes, whirlpools and a wave machine. The kids had a lovely time and we easily killed a couple of hours in there.

Lunch was a picnic outside the Swansea Waterfront Museum. Well, we were outside until a torrential downpour which forced us inside for coffee. This picture typically sums up our coffee shop experiences. This is Pants with her phone surfing the net. Even when camping we find it hard to give up the technology!

Duxford Autumn Air Show

DSCN5310Today The Mister and I went to Duxford for their Autumn Air Show. When we woke up this morning it was absolutely pouring, and it pretty much continued for most of the day. Anyway, like a couple of real anoraks we went anyway. It was absolutely-bloody-freezing… the wind was bitter and it rained for a while, but having said that (and don’t tell The Mister I said so) I had a really nice day out. I have decided that growing up with a Dad who loves planes and motor-racing means that I am well used to going to visit things, feigning disinterest, but secretly loving it. I am cultivating this look so that The Mister doesn’t think that I am having too nice a time. I need to retain some sense of self-sacrifice so that I can use it in the future when I need to behave like a martyr. Of course, just as we were leaving the weather started to clear up and you could see blue sky in the distance. Typical!

I really enjoyed the planes, but my favourite bit was The Royal Navy Black Cat Helicopter Display Team. I also really liked the really ickle plane that was looping the loop and doing all sorts. I still think the pilot must be a mentalist to want to do it though… I was surprised not to see sick on the roof of the cockpit when he got out.

So, here are my (estimated) stats from the day…

Number of hours spent at Duxford: 5 ½

Number of hours spent freezing in the cold and rain watching planes, or waiting to see them: 4

Actualy air temperature: 12 degrees Celsius

How cold it really felt: minus 12 degrees Celsius

Number of times I complained about the cold: 40

Number of times I complained in general: at least 50

Number of times I was serious about my complaining: about 5

Number of times I helpfully pointed out “oooo plane”: about 30

Number of times The Mister told me to “shush” when I helpfully pointed out “oooo plane”: about 30

Number of inches the water had crept up the legs of my jeans by the time I left Duxford: about 5

Number of cups of coffee I drank: 3

Number of times I ate healthy foods today: 0


Greenbelt 2008

Well Greenbelt is over for another year. It was a lot muddier and a bit wetter than last year, but in general it was fine. Thank goodness for wellies is all I have to say!

This year I went with my friends OJ and Jonathan and we had a wonderful time. As always I mark down in the programme loads of things I want to see and only go to about half of them. Part of the problem is that I have such a short attention span at times so I tend to leave when I get bored. The highlight for me was seeing Brian Houston in the performance cafe. He was fantastic as usual and the venue was packed. Also Beer and Hymns was marvellous. I actually find it quite moving to hear so many people singing hymns and being very genuine about it, even if they have a pint of very nice organic beer in their hand. In fact, the beer tent was marvellous all round. Great beer, great people and one or two surprises along the way 😉

So, here are some photos for your perusal…