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Reading Challenge Part 73 – various!

OK since I went offline in the big move, my recent reads have been…

My latest reads have been

The Young Wives Tale by Adele Parks This book is told from four different people’s perspective. The same story told in different ways, with varying inflections and priorities. I loved it, it is a great read and shows marriage, relationships and parenting from in several different ways. It is funny and sad and I really enjoyed it.

Goodnight Beautiful by Dorothy Koomson which I think I should have loved more than I did. The story is about Nova whose 8 year old son Leo is in a coma after falling ill. She has never disclosed who is his father, and yet he is the spitting image of her best friend Mal, who she has not seen for several years. It’s a sweet little book, but it didn’t really excite me like some of her other books. Not really sure why.

Finally, I have been listening to The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver. This is a fantastic book and has literally had me sitting in the car listening to it to find out what happens next. Well worth reading or listening to if you like crime and thriller novels.

RC Part 72 – By Bread Alone by Sarah-Kate Lynch

By Bread Alone by Sarah-Kate Lynch is a lovely book about a woman called Esme and her family. Two years ago she suffered a huge personal tragedy and moved to the country to live in a eccentric house with her equally eccentric grandparents. Throughout the book she keeps making sourdough bread, the only real constant activity in her life and it reminds her of her first love in France, a baker called Louis. I love this book, it is clever but sweet and has a good coupe of twists at the end!

RC Part 71 – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

During all my driving last weekend I listened to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.

This book is about a little boy called Christopher who has Aspergers and his family,how they cope and don’t cope with his disability. It is a brilliant book, cleverly written with amazing insight into what is quite a hidden disability. I often sat in my car at the end of wherever I was driving to just so I could hear what happened next!

RC Part 70 – The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket

The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket was my favouritist book over the weekend.
Jane Brocket writes a craft blog called Yarnstorm. It is a truly beautiful and inspirational blog, full of the things she creates; cakes, knitting, patchwork and embroidery, but also photographs of nature, flowers and day-to-day life. I find her use of colour and texture truly inspirational and this book was kind of her reflections about life and the importance of the “domestic” in her life. She comments on this by saying

”There is a world of difference between domesticity and domestication. This book is about domesticity and the pleasures and joys of the gentle domestic arts of knitting, crochet, baking, stitching, quilting, gardening and homemaking. It is emphatically not about the repetitive, endless rounds of cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and house maintenance that come with domestication. Domesticity rises above the bossiness of cleaning products and media exhortations to keep our houses pristine and hygienic, and focuses instead on creativity within the domestic space.

Domesticity gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, and the gentle arts are the most satisfying and achievable means of doing so. Domesticity frees our minds and hands and eyes to enjoy often neglected and undervalued skills, textiles, colour, textures, patterns and comforts, all of which can bring pleasure to both the domestic artist and those around her.”

DSCN4301I love being creative and I find huge pleasure in both the process of making things, and seeing the end result. This books gave me the opportunity to consider lots of different crafts I wouldn’t normally consider. Also, it encouraged me to get on with doing the things I most want to do, to photograph the things I find beautiful and satisfying, and to carry on trying new things.

I have to say that there is actually quite a funny photo that could go with this blog entry, if The Mister gets around to sending it to me. The fact that I was reading this book seemed to amuse him, maybe it was the thought of me being domestic… for some reason he seems to equate that idea with me being in the kitchen baking all sorts of nice things for him to eat. Or maybe he just equates it with me being a subservient woman. Yeah, right!!!

RC Part 69 – Hip Handbags and Brilliant Bags

Over the weekend I borrowed some books on bag making as I have been trying to get inspired so that I can make some Christmas presents. So I read Hip Handbags: Creating and Embellishing 40 Great-Looking Bags by Valerie Arsdale Shrader. This is a nice, if rather basic book with some good ideas on how to embellish and amend very basic bag patterns to create different looks. I also read Brilliant Bags: 20 Beautiful Bags to Stitch and Love by Deena Beverley. This is a lovely book which is beautifully illustrated, easy to follow with some gorgeous photos of lovely bags. I think I need to give up work so that I can do more craft stuff and fulfil my creative passions.

RC Part 65 & 66 – The Dark Lady & The School for Husbands

The Dark Lady by Richard North Patterson is an OK but rather confusing crime novel and The School for Husbands by Wendy Holden is a rather crap chick lit novel.

Both were bought for 10p from a local charity shop and both have been/will be Bookcrossed. The former was left in the changing rooms at my local leisure centre and the latter will be left on a train into London tomorrow.