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2012 Project365 (Day 211)

QuiltHaving made two baby quilts, one for my niece and one for my nephew. Now I get to make one for my own baby. That is such a nice feeling.

I decided to go with the same pattern for the one I used to make Eden’s quilt as I love the way it looked. The only fabric that I could buy that I vaguely liked was a bunch of yellow patterns. As usual I am not massively keen yet but I am sure that it will look fabulous.

Bridesmaid presents

As I had plenty of time before the wedding I spent ages making handbags for my bridesmaids. I couldn’t post any pictures before because I didn’t want them to see them. The bags were all made from fabric I had in my stash, most of which had been bought from charity shops or obtained from the Scrapstore in Welwyn Garden City.

P1020992P1020995This bag was for my cousin Chloe. The outside fabric was from the Scrap store and it was a gorgeous dark blue wool. The flower was made out of patterned sari from a charity shop and some felt and the lining was also made from the sari fabric.

P1020997P1030001This orange bag was for birdie and it was my favourite out of all the bags! Made out of a gorgeous beaded sari (which made it a bitch to sew) which cost about £3 from a charity shop. Lined with some fabric I have had in the cupboard for about 10 years I reckon!!

P1030002P1030005This bag was for my cousin Alice. I think the outside fabric is a shot satin which my aunt bought back from China years and years ago. Lined with a remnant of purple fabric and the outside was decorated with felt flowers which was about the only new thing on this bag. All the buttons came from my craft stash.

P1030006P1030008This gorgeous red bag was made for my sister Louise. The outside was lovely red linen and the inside was a green cotton, both of which came from thr Scrap store (I really need to find one of these places in Leeds!) The outside was decorated with felt buttons which I hand stitched on and which nearly gave me arthritis in my wrist I think!

P1030010P1030012Finally this bag was made for my cousin Stefi. I made this one out of a retro duvet cover I bought from a charity shop and lined with a remnant of purple fabric from my stash. Felt flowers and a little bit of lace and a few buttons completed the look! I made this bag a little deeper than the others because Stef carries so much crap around with her!

I used the Amy Butler bag pattern called Birdie Sling which I completely bastardised. I have made it several times before in several different versions but I think the way I used it to make these bags is my favourite.

I was very happy with them all and I hope the girls loved them!!!

Me and my helper

My cat Delilah seems to have an absolute fascination with my cross-stitch. She regularly nearly gets poked in the eye because she is trying to chew the needle and she has, on more than one occasion, got her paw caught up in the thread. She is funny though and is lovely company. There doesn’t seem to be many nicer things that sitting on the sofa, watching a good TV show and doing some sewing, with a little purry cat resting on your feet or your lap. Lovely.

A little bit of stitching

Over the last few years I have been doing lots of craft stuff, patchwork, card-making and most recently bag-making. However, I went on a little visit to Hobbycraft this week to look at their sale and on a whim I decided that I needed to do some craft work that was a bit more portable, so I could take it to Leeds with me at the weekends. So, I decided to start some cross-stitch, something that I haven’t done since I was in my teens. I bought a kit and now I am happily, and rather obsessively sitting on my sofa in the evenings and counting, counting, counting. I had forgotten how time-consuming it was but I am really enjoying myself. The only other thing about doing cross-stitch, is that the cat has a complete fascination with it. She seems to spend hours just watching me pulling the threads through, occasionally batting a paw at the fabric or the needle. She is so cute, and I have to admit, in my opinion there is nothing more relaxing, therapeutic and lovely than sitting on the sofa with a cat and sewing. Happy days.

Handmade loveliness

Several people got handmade Christmas presents from me this year… so here is a quick run down…

From top to bottom…..

A big bag for my surrogate Mum.

A handbag made out of blue linen and edged with cream and floral fabric, finished off with a blue corsage. For a Secret Santa present.

A bag made out of brown cord and lined with gorgeous brown and cream fabric. Finished off with pink buttons and a metal magnetic clasp.

A Secret Santa present… probably my favourite bag this year. Made out of gorgeous check fabric (from the Scrapstore!), lined with purple and finished off with handmade felt flowers. The recipient was delighted!

There were a couple more presents…. I made a fab lime green check bag for Auntie Billie but forgot to take a photo of it… anyway I was very happy with them all and they seemed to be appreciated 🙂

Velvet heaven

I have been having a lovely few weeks making things for Christmas presents. Most of which I can’t show you yet because that would spoil the surprise!!

However, I also took the time to make something for myself. I picked up some (free!!) lovely soft brown velvet fabric from the Wot-Ever Scrapstore in Welwyn Garden City. I then lined it with red linen and added a cute knitted red rose made by Anjie who I met at the St Albans Flea Market on Sunday (oo by the way Anjie… if you happen to be reading this… lovely flower, but the clasp had broken before I even got it out of the packet… so at the moment the rose is held onto the bag by a safety pin or two!!)

Anyway, let me know what you think and I will show you the other things I have been making after Christmas. The only trouble I have been having is taking decent photos of things… I am having to take them into work to try and find some natural daylight!