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2013 Project365 (Day 107)

Happy birthdayToday is my younger sister’s birthday. We had a nice lunch together and then The Little Mister and I walked to her house and sat in the garden with a bunch of her friends and their kids.

I love living near enough to my family that we can just wander to their houses and spend time together.

The Little Mister continues to be proper snotty and generally a bit grumpy. He wouldn’t smile for the camera today, in fact he wouldn’t even look at it!

Happy birthday Lou 🙂

2012 Project365 (Day 343)

A nineties classicDad has lots of films from when we were children and over the years and he has had them converted from cine to VHS and now onto DVD.

There are some classics, the ones when we were little are really cute but they become increasingly horrific as my sister and I grow into teenagers. Our hairstyles and clothing in the eighties and nineties are truly something to behold. This is a particular favourite picture of mine taken whilst on holiday in France in about 1992 – my sister at her best. I guess she was about 13 here (and she is is going to absolutely kill me for this!)

2012 Project365 (Day 227)

Sheep sheep!Whilst I was slaving away in the office today The Mister went to The West Show with my Mum, my sister and the kids. In Guernsey we have three different local agricultural shows and most of them have baking, floral, craft, fruit and veg, and other competitions. They also have cattle, goats and other livestock and fur and feather.

Our local show is the The North Show and unfortunately we are always at Greenbelt. So, my cake is in the freezer and ready to be entered. It’s hot competition!

The Mister took loads of photos today of the kids at the petting the rabbits and other little furry creatures, however, this is my favourite picture of the day; my sister and my niece looking at the sheep.

2012 Project365 (Day 85)

AwwWhen we were clearing out the attic we came across this koala rucksack that belonged to my sister.

She bought it on holiday when she was about 9 years old and wore it incessantly. I remember her spending literally all her pocket money on it and having nothing left for the rest of her holiday. We have loads of photos of her wearing it and she even took it to bed with her.

She looks rather pleased to have reclaimed it!

2012 Project365 (Day 57)

EdenTomorrow is our niece Eden’s first birthday. She had a little birthday party this afternoon so The Mister and I popped up to see her, although we didn’t take her birthday present which is a fabulous Wendy House. Mum has decreed that it will live at their house so we decided to leave it there!

I love this photo my Eden and my sister. I had so many gorgeous photos to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down!

So, Happy Birthday for tomorrow Eden. You are truly entertaining and The Mister and I love you very much!

Jersey (it’s not just full of Crappeauds!)

I have had a fantastic weekend with my Mum and my sister Louise in Jersey this weekend. It is the first time that we have ever been away just the three of us and we had such fun. I arrived first on Friday and had a couple of hours to myself which I spent driving around looking at some of the beautiful countryside. Then I picked Louise and Mum up from the airport and we went back to the hotel (which was pretty basic and as my sister is such a snob she complained) before going out for dinner. Much of our weekend has been characterised by eating far, far too much!! After dinner we drove back to the hotel… the scenic route. Louise is CRAP at map-reading (although she will deny it) and we ended up going almost all the way around the idlans. Well, it was dark, and the road signs are truly rubbish!

On Saturday we got up early and went to visit Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (formerly known as Jersey Zoo). It is beautiful with loads of fantastic animals, including some amazing gorillas, gibbons and orang-urans which we watched for ages because they were so fun. In the afternoon we went to the beach (where I had a little sleep) before going to the town and doing some shopping. Mum goes crazy at the sight of a BHS these days. In the evening we went out for dinner again and ate marvellous ice-cream sundaes and then all felt sick.

This morning we went to La Corbiere where we walked to the lighthouse as it was low tide. The weather was absolutely beautiful and there were so many wonderful wild flowers out on the grass verges. Just gorgeous.

So, all in all, I had a fantastic weekend. It was just lovely to spend some proper time with Mum and Louise, without us all having lots of things we had to do and lots of other people around. Mum took the brunt of our teasing, in particular becaue her sense of direction is just terrible and she kept commenting on the beautiful hedges thinking they were the same ones she had seen before (usually they weren’t!) So, a fab weekend and here are a few little pictures for you to share in the experience with us….


And, my favourite picture of the weekend…