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2013 Project365 (Day 63)

4 March 2013I cook quite a lot of Slimming World recipes as they are often very tasty and low fat. Their magazines are particularly good and they regularly have great features on food like curries and other spicy food which we love.

The Mister has missed this sort of food a lot whilst we have been living with my parents as my Dad doesn’t like ‘foreign food’ (he’s perfectly happy to eat pasta though!)

Tonight I cooked Sichuan Chicken (the recipe was for pork but I had chicken in the freezer) and it was absolutely delicious! It is rare for me to cook something that looks so much like the recipe in the book though!

2012 Project365 (Day 364)

Slimming WorldThis afternoon I lay on the sofa and read the new Slimming World Magazine and ate a packet of Marks and Spencers Percy Pigs. I suspect that was rather counterproductive!

As soon as we move into our house and are settled I am intending on restarting on the Slimming World diet. It worked for me before, largely because I can eat proper food, and hopefully I will be able to lose all the weight I put on during pregnancy.

Until then, I shall enjoy the Pigs!

Food glorious food

Well I have been doing Slimming World for about 7 weeks and I have lost 9lbs. It should really be more than that but I put on 4 1/2lbs when we went to Hong Kong. Anyway, my target was 1lb a week and I want to lose 2 stone by 4 June, so that’s all going well.

The only thing about Slimming World is that I have to be really orgaised about cooking. Most of the meals I eat are ‘syn free’ which means I can eat as much as I like. So, I tnd to cook more than we need for dinner, and then I take it to work the next day for lunch.

So I have cooked 5 meals this afternoon and our weeks menu looks like this..

Sunday – roast chicken
Monday – Shepherds Pie
Tuesday – chicken casserole
Wednesday – beef chilli and rice
Thursday – chicken curry and rice
Friday – Slimming World burgers and chips.

Pretty good. As we are home for the next few weekends I hope to really stick to it and up my weight loss for the next few weeks.

Now… to dinner!