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2012 Project365 (Day 213)

BabyToday was my 20 week scan. I had been worrying about really needing to pee half way through the appointment so I definitely hadn’t drunk enough water, but it didn’t seem to make too much of a difference.

What an amazing thing to see though! The pictures were so clear and they take so many measurements. We had a brilliant sonographer who took time to tell us exactly what we were looking at. What surprised me though was that the baby was really wiggling, the legs kept kicking and I just can’t feel anything yet. I thought that I would feel something by now. It was terribly reassuring to see all the movements and to know that everything is health and fine.

The only thing the sonograher said is that the baby is big for dates. If we weren’t so sure of our dates due to having fertility investigations and stuff she would have said that the baby was at least two weeks further on.

The big news though is that we are having a boy. I am thrilled (even though I had originally thought it would be a girl). I am genuinely delighted that everything is OK and at least we have now eliminated half the names we were arguing about! I guess it is just about reframing what I thought might be and instead there is something equally as good in it’s place.

Life is good and we are lucky.