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2012 Project365 (Day 221)

StefAs some people will know The Mister and I live with my parents whilst we are waiting to buy a house. The house is even more packed to the gills though after a couple of weeks ago my youngest cousin Stefi arrived back from South America to live here for another year. Her parents, my Auntie Cath and Uncle Nick live in Argentina where he is a Bishop. So, this is like Stef’s second home.

It’s Stef’s 19th birthday today so after work we went for a swim and then ate a delicious roast chicken dinner sitting in the garden in the evening sunlight.

It’s lovely to have Stef home. She amuses me highly as she is just a little bit bonkers and she can be incredibly gullible which my Dad takes advantage of. We do love her very much and she is like a little sister I guess.