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2012 Project365 (Day 170)

Cobo BayI have had a very busy day today as I have been on training. Tonight I feel slightly braindead and I am not sure I will make much sense!

The nice end to the day is that my in-laws are over visiting for a week so after we had picked them up from the airport we took a drive back around the coast, stopping to take a few photos of the gorgeous sunset. As ever this is of Cobo Bay. You just can’t beat it!

We bumped into my Auntie Karen at the beach taking a photo. She is doing the Blipfoto thing which is a bit similar to the 365project. I wonder if she will post her photo of the beach too… you can see her Blipfoto project here.

2012 Project365 (Day 86)

Beautiful sunsetI kind of forgot about taking a photo today so on my way to choir I popped to the beach and took another photo of the sunset.

It was gorgeous. The quality of the light was just beautiful but because I had to rush off I couldn’t stay and see the sun sink even lower and the colour get even more intenser. As I drove away it was even more beautiful.

What a privilege to live here.

2012 Project365 (Day 32)

Day 32 - Sunset
Can you believe I have managed to do a whole month of this already?!

It is very cold in Guernsey. The air temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius which isn’t too cold but the wind is bitter. I was racing home from work today, trying desperately to get to the beach before the sun went down properly. I think I missed all the truly beautiful colours but this picture is still very dramatic. I love the brightness at the top of the clouds, and the redness peeking out from underneath. Rather conveniently these two walkers wandered into view and I think they set off the scene perfectly!