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2012 Project365 (Day 224)

Cobo swimmingIt has been a lovely the day. I decided not to go to church today as I wanted to watch the men’s Olympic marathon as a Guernsey boy Lee Merrien was running. He did really well.

This afternoon we had a barbecue and then The Mister and I went to Cobo beach for a swim. The sea was crystal clear but quite chilly and it was lovely. Perfect. Shame I have to go back to work tomorrow… only 4.5 days this week though and then we go on holiday. Yay!

2012 Project365 (Day 216)

Guernsey Bathing PoolsThe weather has been a bit changeable here today. Lovely sunshine for a while and then big drops of rain. This afternoon I went to the Bathing Pools with my sister and my niece and nephew. The pools are filled with salt water every time the tide is high which makes them lovely and clean with fabulous views out towards Sark and Herm.

We met up with Mum, my aunt and her two grandsons there. We managed at least an hour before the rain started coming down, but by the time we had decamped to a coffee shop the sun had come out again. Typical!

This picture is of my second cousin Jacob and my nephew Barnabas chasing each other around the edge of the pool.

2012 Project365 (Day 204)

Sunset swimmingIt has been the most glorious day today. Hot and sunny, and sadly I was at work. The Mister was working until 8pm and then we hot footed it down to the beach for a swim. Getting in was absolutely freezing, but once I had got over the cold it was absolutely lovely. We probably stayed in the sea for about 20 minutes.

Swimming under the most beautiful sunset is definitely one of the things that makes living in Guernsey wonderful.

2012 Project365 (Day 185)

WimbledonI love tennis and I particularly love Wimbledon fortnight. It’s such a shame that I can’t have a TV next to my desk, I can’t even get live streaming on my computer! So, whilst I am at work I reply on the Guardian live blog which is always entertaining.

Usually this weekend I would be sitting on my bottom watching the tennis, however, I am off to a wedding in the UK and I am likely to miss matches because I am travelling.

Come on Murray!!

The etiquette of swimming

Well, some of you might be surprised to find out that there is an etiquette of swimming, but having had a frustrating swim this morning I am adamant that it exists. So, here are the rules!

1. If the swimming pool is laned off please do not sit at the end of the lane taking up all the wall space so that people who are actually swimming (the clue is in the fact that it is a SWIMMING POOL) can push off when they are swimming laps. This is particularly directed at old people who think it is their divine right to get in the way. If you want to chat there is a nice coffee shop in the leisure centre – go and use that.

2. If you swim slowly that is fine but please do not swim up the middle of the lane. Please be considerate and swim at the side so that people faster than you can overtake.

3. Please do not stop dead in the middle of the lane and stand up. I will swim into you if I am swimming behind you.

4. If there are lots of people in the lane please do not bring your small children who are wearing armbands into it. I understand this may be difficult if the main part of the pool is being used for swimming lessons. Might I suggest that you use the small pool?

5. Please do not glare and tut at me when I overtake you. I just want to have a good swim and increase my heart rate to a reasonable rate so that I feel like I am actually doing some exercise rather than lying in a cooling bath.

6. And this final one is a plea to the managers at the leisure centre. I understand that school swimming lessons are important, but if you say that the main pool is open but with restricted lanes then please make sure that there are at least two lanes open to the general public – one for fast swimmers and one for slow swimmers. if necessary why don’t you lane off the pool width ways so that people swim short lengths but at least they get the chance to have a decent swim without running into each other.

End of rant…. can you tell I am pissed off?