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Falconry Day

Yesterday The Mister and I went to The Falconry Centre in Thirsk where we did an experience day. My parents paid for The Mister to go for his 30th birthday present and we decided to pay for me to go to.

It was brilliant!

We spent the whole day there and started out by walking around all the eagles, hawks and vultures and being introduced to them. Then we started off flying some of the smaller birds before learning to tie some essential knots and going o a hawk walk through the lanes. It was brilliant seeing the bird flying out in the countryside. We watched one of the flying days before having lunch. Then we flew a few more birds, watched the final display and then got to fly the bigger birds, including a Golden Eagle.

The staff member who took us out for the day ws so knowledgeable about birds and was fascinating to listen to, although he told appalling jokes.

I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous of the birds. When you see them up close they are even more beautiful but they have these massive sharp talons and a pokey pointed beak. I seriously wouldn’t fancy getting attacked by one of these birds.

To top it all we had the most glorious day – warm and sunny and perfect although both of us have rather shiney sunburnt noses this morning,

The highlight of the day for me? Well, there were two. Getting up close to Misty the Grey Owl who is absolutely beautiful and looked like a cartoon owl he was so perfect. Secondly, getting to fly Boris the Golden Eagle – he was truly the only bird that made me properly nervous – he kind of looked at me funny, but he was awesome. So beautiful and powerful. Gorgeous.

So, this was a day well worth doing. Not cheap, but you certainly get your money’s worth. We had a fab time. Thanks Mum and Dad!!!

Here are some pics… there are over 300 on Flickr, so if you want to see more then just click through…

Falconry Day_1233Falconry Day_1247
Falconry Day_1377Falconry Day_1397
Falconry Day_1519Falconry Day_1425

Falconry Day_1424Falconry Day_1557

Falconry Day_1393
Falconry Day_1534

Wedding Anniversary weekend

Last weekend The Mister and I went to Pickering for a short break. We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast called Grindale House which was lovely and comfortable with a fab breakfast. Best of all it was very central so we could leave the car and wander for the weekend.

On Friday night we went out for a fabulous meal at Castlegate Taberna and had the best tapas I have ever had. It was truly delicious and freshly cooked. On Saturday we had a wander around Pickering Castle, a quick visit to the North York Moors Railway and then we went to St Peter & St Paul Church which was the highlight for me. It has the most astonishing medieval paintings on the wall. They are so clear and really striking and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. On Saturday evening we went out for dinner at The White Swan – the meal was fabulous. However, it was very expensive and I decided it wasn’t twice as good as the tapas meal which was half the price! Mind you, I did enjoy the champagne!

We had such a nice weekend. I suddenly realised how knackered I am though and when I am at home I am always busy, whether it be cooking, cleaning or sewing. Suddenly having a weekend off meant I was shattered so I had the most blissful sleep on Saturday afternoon.

The best bit though was I got to spent time with The Mister. Time which we both need, and it was lovely!

April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1039April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1101
April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1096April 2011-Wedding Anniversary_1094

First Anniversary

A year ago today I married my wonderful Mister. He is, without a doubt, my best friend and the biggest love of my life.

Although it sounds like I moan a lot about the things I don’t have, he is the one person who makes life amazing. He is so consistent, faithful, loving, generous and kind. My life without him would be infinitely poorer and I find myself relying on his quiet stability more and more every day. For that I am grateful. I can easily be all over the place, worrying about things and doing things at a million miles an hour. He is quiet and steady and he anchors me right into the place I most want to be.

Our wedding was the happiest day of my life. I had waited a long time to find the perfect man for me, and he was totally worth the wait. The day was so joyful, and truly reflective of us as a couple. The chance to share that with family and friends was amazing, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing… other than the torrential rain!

So Mister. Thankyou for making the last year truly amazing – the time has just flown by! I hope and pray we get many, many more years to be together and learn to love each other even more.

Life is good.



I haven’t blogged in a while cos I have just been busy and absolutely knackered.

I went up north to The Mister at the weekend and had a lovely time. We didn’t have anything major planned which was just lovely. We chilled out, he did stuff on his laptop and I did my sewing, we went walking, we drank wine, watched TV and just spent time. I love just spending time with him.

The Mister is also currently the best boyfriend in the world after he bought me the CD of Gladys Hardy I Love Jesus, but I Drink a Little. Gladys is a genius. She has appeared on all sorts of radio shows and this CD has the audio of some of these appearances, as well as conversations with her family and a few short monologues. I laughed so much as we were driving around listening to her. So, here is another look at her marvellous appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.