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2012 Project365 (Day 145)

The Constant GardenerI reckon my Dad has about 20 pots or bags of potatoes that he has planted up and we are now starting to empty out the earlies to see what has grown. Seeing them come out of the soil is like watching little jewels appear and I have to say that the potatoes are super-tasty!

I am looking forward to living here when his tomatoes, beans, strawberries and raspberries fruit. There are definite benefits to living with Mum and Dad!

Here is Dad with his latest haul!

2012 Project365 (Day 105)

Home-grown potatoesThe Mister and I have been quite busy today including a trip to the gym and lunch in town and now we are chilling out. On the other hand my Dad is hard at work in his garden, as usual. He is currently trying to rescue some plants that seem to be a bit poorly. I nipped out and took a few photos and he has trays and trays of plug-in plans ready for his hanging baskets and window boxes.

This picture is of the sacks of potatoes that he has planted up. I am sure we will be eating home grown potatoes for a while, hopefully with some of his delicious home-grown tomatoes. Yum. There are definitely bonuses to living with Mum and Dad at the moment!


Sometimes it is just blissful to stay at home and do domestic things. It’s all very well disappearing off to weddings and suchlike at the weekends, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t need doing at home.

Today The Mister and I have pottered and that has included going to Debenhams to collect the rest of our wedding stuff, buying new shoes, going to the camping shop and The Mister has mowed the lawn and I made pizza dough and homemade pizzas for tea. Yum.

P1040189Here is a pic of my new shoes… I know they look like something my Mum would have made me wear when I was 5 but they are flowery and lovely and tres comfortable (they should be really as they are Dr Martens!)

The only thing is, I hadn’t actually gone into the shop to buy these… I need some new Birkenstocks because mine are starting to smell like something might have died actually in the footbed of the shoe. But they didn’t have any. So I had to buy these, and then I had to order some new Birkenstocks online when I got home. Oops… how did that happen?

P1040195These are the first potatoes that I have harvested from the bag… I did feel a little bit like James Herriot, rifling around trying to find them but aren’t they beeeeyoooootiful? I feel quite proud that I have managed to grow them. We also have flowering courgettes and tomatoes and there are some tiny fruit coming on the strawberry plants. We also have chilli plants which aren’t showing much signs of flowers or fruit yet!

Finally, a pic of the lovely foxgloves in our garden.



I have had a really nice morning. Played tennis with my friend James. We are pretty rubbish but getting better. Also I went to the local farmers market. It’s brilliant and I bought lots of lovely fruit and veg to see me through the week. Don’t you think it looks tasty?