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2013 Project365 (Day 126)

World Aid WalkToday was the World Aid Walk, a 20km walk raising money for 6 different charities., one of which is my sister’s charity, Hope For A Child.

Last year I did the walk along with Mum, my sister and my aunt. I didn’t do the whole walk this year by The Little Mister and I joined my Mum for the last 5km. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day – perfect for a walk.

My Dad and my sister are on the walk organsing committee and between them they gave spent much of the day driving about, delivering water and setting up and taking down checkpoints.

My sister is doing her ‘thin’ face and I told her I had a ‘nice photo’. This is it Lou, the other one was rubbish!!

2012 Project365 (Day 128)

World Aid Walk 2012Today my Mum, sister and Auntie Josie did World Aid Walk. It is a 20km walk raising money for 6 charities, including my sister’s charity Hope for a Child. This photo is us with our completion medals before we went for a well-deserved coffee!

It was a lovely walk, going right through the centre of the island from town, turning right at the coast, and pretty much following it all the way through back to town. We were lucky with the weather, it was mostly sunny and clear and we only had a few drops of rain as we walked in to Market Square to complete our walk. If anyone still wishes to donate please click here.

The only downside is that I am in absolute agony now. My hips seemed to go into spasm about 15kms in and, even following a hot bath they are monumentally painful. I hope they feel better tomorrow as The Mister and I are going to a 1940’s ball. I can’t wait!

2012 Project365 (Day 112)

Bluebell WoodThe Mister and I went for a lovely walk through Bluebell Wood.The weather has been a bit weird today so it was a case of going out straight after a rain shower and hoping for the best.

The walk took us doewn alongside the Val de Terres which is used for the Guernsey Hillclimb and then out onto the cliffs where we stopped at the Clarence Battery where we had a beautiful view of Herm and Sark and we watched the Condor ferries coming into the harbour. We then cut back through Fort George which is where all the very rich people on the island live and dreamed about which house we would buy if we won the lottery!

It was a lovely walk, and as the poor Mister is working most of the weekend we have to make the most of the limited time we get!