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2013 Project365 (Day 124)

Guernsey lanesI seem to spend hours and hours out walking with The Little Mister in the buggy. It seems that the motion of the buggy means he will sleep much deeper and longer than if we stay at home and he goes to sleep.

Today the weather was a bit changeable but this was a gloriously sunny moment. I vaguely knew in which direction I was heading but I was just following the twists and turns of the roads. This was one of the gorgeous lanes I walked down today and it is only about 5 minutes from our house. Lovely.

2012 Project365 (Day 112)

Bluebell WoodThe Mister and I went for a lovely walk through Bluebell Wood.The weather has been a bit weird today so it was a case of going out straight after a rain shower and hoping for the best.

The walk took us doewn alongside the Val de Terres which is used for the Guernsey Hillclimb and then out onto the cliffs where we stopped at the Clarence Battery where we had a beautiful view of Herm and Sark and we watched the Condor ferries coming into the harbour. We then cut back through Fort George which is where all the very rich people on the island live and dreamed about which house we would buy if we won the lottery!

It was a lovely walk, and as the poor Mister is working most of the weekend we have to make the most of the limited time we get!

Snowy walk

I decided to make the most of the snow and went out for a lovely long walk with my cousin Anna. The second cousin I didn’t actually know existed until this time last year – I turned up at the church she and her husband attend and it turns out they live around the corner. Small world isn’t it?

The snow was pretty thick in places and it was gorgeous just to be out enjoying the scenery and the chance to have an unplanned day off work. It has started snowing quite heavily again so I am wondering if I might get tomorrow off work too, although it will be rather more problematic as tomorrow I have 10 key worker appointments and 2 assessments booked in. Oh well, will have to wait and see I guess. The problem is that I am sure the major roads are absolutely fine, but the small roads near my house are really, really icy, and there are cars parked up both sides of the road. In fact, when I was out walking I saw a van sliding backwards down a very small hill and not being able to stop. I definitely don’t like driving in the snow!


Verulamium wanderings

This morning The Mister coaxed me out of bed with a cup of tea and we decided to go over to The Waffle House in St Albans for breakfast. I had the most fantastic spiced fruit an banana waffle which tasted of cinnamon and was crispy and delicious and finished off with organic yoghurt. It was just divine and of course I had a couple of cups of decent coffee to go with it. The Mister had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a waffle. Fabulous. I can’t believe I had never been to The Waffle House before. You would think I have lived around here long enough to find all the exciting food places!

After indulging somewhat we went to the St Albans Verulamium park. It was lovely, but unbelievably cold and I decided I really should have put a pair tights underneath my jeans. It wasn’t just cold, but it also was damp which made it feel almost cold to your bones. The lake was almost totally frozen except for a little bit in the middle where all the geese and ducks were congregating to have a little swim. So, we followed the path around the park, passed the Roman ruins and up into St Albans, briefly stopping at a charity shop which had a half price book sale. It was very successful as I managed to purchase three Alexander McCall-Smith ‘Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency’ books (about 75p each) and two books on making your own cross stitch samplers (£1.25 each). It was a lovely walk and I enjoyed being out and about.

It has been quite strange to be back on my own again this week as I spent nearly two weeks with The Mister, only leaving him at his parents on Saturday last week as I had to get home to prepare for work. It makes me realise how much I miss him and how nice it is when we are back together again. I was ridiculously excited to see him yesterday and we have had a fun day today. Hurrah!