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Bridesmaid presents

As I had plenty of time before the wedding I spent ages making handbags for my bridesmaids. I couldn’t post any pictures before because I didn’t want them to see them. The bags were all made from fabric I had in my stash, most of which had been bought from charity shops or obtained from the Scrapstore in Welwyn Garden City.

P1020992P1020995This bag was for my cousin Chloe. The outside fabric was from the Scrap store and it was a gorgeous dark blue wool. The flower was made out of patterned sari from a charity shop and some felt and the lining was also made from the sari fabric.

P1020997P1030001This orange bag was for birdie and it was my favourite out of all the bags! Made out of a gorgeous beaded sari (which made it a bitch to sew) which cost about £3 from a charity shop. Lined with some fabric I have had in the cupboard for about 10 years I reckon!!

P1030002P1030005This bag was for my cousin Alice. I think the outside fabric is a shot satin which my aunt bought back from China years and years ago. Lined with a remnant of purple fabric and the outside was decorated with felt flowers which was about the only new thing on this bag. All the buttons came from my craft stash.

P1030006P1030008This gorgeous red bag was made for my sister Louise. The outside was lovely red linen and the inside was a green cotton, both of which came from thr Scrap store (I really need to find one of these places in Leeds!) The outside was decorated with felt buttons which I hand stitched on and which nearly gave me arthritis in my wrist I think!

P1030010P1030012Finally this bag was made for my cousin Stefi. I made this one out of a retro duvet cover I bought from a charity shop and lined with a remnant of purple fabric from my stash. Felt flowers and a little bit of lace and a few buttons completed the look! I made this bag a little deeper than the others because Stef carries so much crap around with her!

I used the Amy Butler bag pattern called Birdie Sling which I completely bastardised. I have made it several times before in several different versions but I think the way I used it to make these bags is my favourite.

I was very happy with them all and I hope the girls loved them!!!


I thought I would just post a few little pictures from our holiday cottage in St Ives. It was called Joshua’s Cottage and had a magnificent three bedrooms. Obviously we didn’t need that many but the cottage itself was a bargain! It had 4 floors and in the basement it had a kitchen which had rather restricted head-height so The Mister had to crouch a bit when he was making me tea! On the first floor there was a lounge with nice big sofas and a TV with Sky, on the first floor there was a double bedroom and a twin bedroom and a bathroom and up in the attic there was a gorgeous room with a velux window which had a wonderful view our to the sea and the harbour. The owners had left us a few bits and pieces including a box of Roses chocolates and a bottle of champagne. It was probably the best stocked holiday cottage I have ever stayed in – it was almost better equipped than our own house! So, if you fancy a trip to St Ives I can really recommend this gorgeous cottage.


Well we made it home safe and sound on Monday. We stopped overnight in Worcester at a lovely hotel called Diglis House. It was a gorgeous place and was right next to the river and very near to the Cathedral. Would be a very nice place to spend a weekend I reckon! Before we left on Monday we went for a little wander into Worcester and we happened upon Ian Botham starting one of his charity walks. P1030532

Since getting home I have been doing mountains of washing and ironing and we have been opening our wedding presents. That has been great fun, although I am now having to clear out the cupboards to make room for the new stuff!

Still no news on when I can start my job. They told me I had completed all the necessary paperwork, but when I got home I rather annoyingly found a CRB form waiting for me to complete so goodness knows when I will be able to start!

I’ll stop soon I promise!

Now, I know I am probably boring you all out there but I am so loving that I now have some photos where I don’t look ridiculous!!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the wedding. They were taken by the magnificently talented photographer Yasmin Mariess and she has said I can link some pics through to here. She also has a blog which you can see here. Poor Yasmin had a very busy weekend as she was also the photographer for my friends Nik and Sally who got married the day after us. Take a look at their pics too… truly gorgeous!!

Anyway… back to us!!!

A sultry black and white pic of us…

Two of my favourites.
The Mister with my gay friends…

Us both with our friends from the Ship of Fools. Whoever said that internet friendships were not quality have never met this lot!

Finally… a picture when the rain stopped!

The Wedding! Part 2


Our wedding reception was at Les Cotils. It is a beautiful venue with stunning views of the other islands, except when it is raining! As a result we had to have the majority of our pictures taken inside. I am sure they are going to be stunning as they were taken by my friend Yasmin Mariess but it is still annoying that we couldn’t make the most of the beautiful scenery. Anyway… we got on with it!

P1030148Our wedding breakfast was afternoon tea. Yummy sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen. Very annoyingly though I wasn’t very hungry so I hardly ate any cakes. My Auntie Jen and Auntie Josie made us the most gorgeous wedding cake… three tiers, one of chocolate and two of fruit cake, sandwiched with gorgeous flowers. It was a complete surprise and it was absolutely stunning!!!

I made an awful lot of things for the wedding, including the favours which were thrifted shot glasses with a luggage tag with a name on and filled with mini chocolate eggs. I also made the table plan and made individual handbags for all my bridesmaids (I will probably post pictures of these later on!)

The reception was very laid back which meant we were able to talk to everyone and just spent a bit of time with people we don’t see very often. The speeches were funny and not too embarrassing and The Mister surprised everyone by not only being able to give a speech, but being able to give the best speech of the day!!!

In the evening we had various board games out and it was fab to see so many people playing Uno at our wedding reception. All in all we had a brilliant, brilliant day.

P1030207The Mister and I decided to walk the short distance to our hotel. My friend Oj had been winding me up for ages that he knew where we were staying and he was going to do something awful. When we arrived we found out he did indeed know where where were staying but he had left a bottle of Bolly in our room… what a star! We even ordered room service when we got in as we had eaten lots of sweet stuff during the day, but we were both craving something plain… so pasta on our wedding night fitted the bill!!

We stayed at The Fregate Hotel which was a truly stunning choice for a wedding night. We had amazing views across the harbour and the other islands and we awoke the next day to the sun rising over the harbour in Guernsey. Amazing!


The Wedding! Part 1

Whilst we might be on honeymoon The Mister and I have agreed that it is a good idea for me to blog about what has been happening. It seems that we will forget all the things that have happened and this way we get to keep a record of it all!

So… SATURDAY 3 APRIL….our wedding day!

The day started well. With a relatively clear sky. The girls doing my hair and make-up arrived at my parent’s house P1030135and all was calm and peaceful. The bridesmaids arrived and champagne and bacon butties were prepared. I was still calm. The day before the wedding I had been so stressed and tired but Saturday morning was a lovely time, relaxed and peaceful and just fabulous. Eventually the time came for me to squeeze myself into my dress. After having spent so many months preparing for this day it seemed strange to be all dressed up! Apparently though The Mister was distinctly less calm than I was. His best Man had informed The Mister that he had forgotten his suit trousers, so off they went to town to buy him a new suit (they wisely decided not to tell me this until during the speeches!)

My uncle arrived to pick my Dad and I up in a vintage car, and rather typically it started absolutely pouring with rain. This has probably annoyed me more than anything else because it has meant that we don’t have any photographs of us outside the gorgeous church. So the moment arrived. I walked into church and it was the strangest feeling to have everyone watching me. I walked down the aisle to Gabriel’s Oboe by Ennio Morricone. It is probably my favourite piece of music and usually makes me cry, but I managed to hold it together! Walking down the aisle to see The Mister was wonderful and I think he looked even more nervous than I did. We sang the first hymn and then was the wedding service. I was so worried that I was going to fluff the vows, but in the event it was the vicar who got The Mister’s name wrong! All to soon we had made our vows and then we were married. It was wonderful! the rest of the service passed by in a blur. My cousin Grace sang the Bob Dylan song Make You Feel My Love whilst we signed the register (the last time I will sign anything with my maiden name!) Walking out of the church I just felt such a rush of love, not only for my new husband (heheh – I still found the funny!) but also for all the wonderful friends and family who had joined us to celebrate our special day.

It was still raining!! The Mister and I got back into the Vintage Car but we had to avoid the wet patches where the roof was leaking and we went to the reception.


Quick update

The Mister and I have had such a busy few days. Final wedding preparations, a hen do, lots of people to see and pick up form airports and a little bit of walking on the beach. It has been good to see both our families and catch up with friends, but it is very strange to have them in all the same place!

I still can’t believe we actually get married tomorrow. In some ways it feels like months in the planning, but in other ways it has crept up on us so fast! The Mister is staying at the reception venue tonight and I am at my parent’s house. I think we are both feeling much more nervous now we are apart and the poor Mister was asked by both my parents separately whether he was definitely going to turn up! Bless him!

Anyway, here are a quick few pics from the last few days. Next time I come back here I will be a married woman. I will put up some pics of the wedding as soon as possible!



The Final Countdown

Well, it’s all very exciting. This time next week I will be a Mrs!

The Mister and I are currently in a guest house in the airport. We fly back to Guernsey tomorrow and I think Mum has a vast schedule of things for us to do next week. She could rival a General for military planning! In fact all my family have been fabulous, from my sister, to my aunts and my Mum. Can’t wait to get home now!!!

I have had an absolutely fabulous day! My cousin Chloe and I, along with my friend Anne went to Harrogate. We went to Betty’s Tearoom in Harrogate where we had an amazing (if somewhat expensive!) afternoon tea with champagne. It was delicious, although I thought the sandwiches were rather mediocre, but the cakes were fabulous! I was even given a couple of chocolate hearts by the waitress after Anne told her we were there for my mini-hen-do. Betty’s is wonderful. Beautiful surroundings and fantastic food. You do have to queue to get in though as they don’t take bookings!

After eating yummy food we went to Harrogate Spa where we spent a couple of hours in the rather wonderful spa baths enjoying the heat and the plunge pool as well as the steam room. The baths were renovated a few years ago and they are lovely. They were quite busy today but it wasn’t too bad. We felt very relaxed after a couple of hours in there and now Chloe and I are sitting on my sofa watching a DVD and having eaten lots of pizza! The Mister on the other hand of getting drunk at Leeds Beer Festival for his stag-do. I dread to think what state he might be in by now!

Pics of the day!….


Wedding plans

Well this weekend has been rather chilled out. It seems to me that the weekends The Mister and I spend Up North we spend so much time running around, and when we are Down South we spend our time sitting on the sofa, browsing the internet and sorting our wedding plans form a distance.

So, this weekend we are at my house and it has been rather nice. Today we went to Hertford for a wander around the charity shops and lunch and whilst we were there we popped into the Oxfam Bookshop and picked up a book called Wedding Readings and Musical Ideas. I have been pondering what sort of readings we should have at our wedding ceremony as neither of us really want the usual 1 Corinthians 13 type stuff. Some of the examples in this book are absolutely hilarious. Cheesy and generally quite nasty, but there are a couple we are taken with. Paul thinks we should have Proverbs 31… I think not!!!!

The other thing that has happened is that the vicar who is meant to be taking our wedding has left and I really don’t want the Rector to do it because I think he is a miserable unchristian man! So, we now have to try and find an alternative. Quite frankly it is one stress we could do without!!!!

Other than that plans are going well. The church and venue are sorted (although the church might have to change!), the bridesmaids picked and their dresses and mine sorted. The food is organised, as is the wedding cake thanks to my lovely Auntie Jen and Auntie Josie. I have made all the wedding invitations and order of services and the honeymoon is booked. So we have done loads… just have to buy our wedding rings, organise The Mister’s suit, wedding cars, the flowers, somewhere to live, a job for me, the wedding service, selling my flat, moving all my stuff Up North and quite a few other bits and pieces.

It all seems a little more daunting when you look at it like that!

A holiday of three parts

I have had a brilliant couple of weeks… but it has been pretty hectic. So, here is a quick run down.

P1010698Firstly The Mister and I flew to Guernsey for my cousin Matthew’s wedding. It was in the most beautiful venue, on top of the cliff and the weather was lovely. The bride looked wonderful and had some fab bridesmaids, and the bridegroom and his 7 best men all looked very dashing in their feature hats. The evening do featured both the bride and the bridegroom’s bands and a marvellous time was had by all.

I love my family. They certainly know how to have a good time and this wedding was a classic example of a good time being had by all!

(for more pics click on this one to go to flickr)
P1010871After flying back from Guernsey The Mister and I drove up to Wales to spend some time camping with friends and their two boys, as well as being close enough to spend some time with birdie and family.

We had a fabulous few days, even though the weather was rather too blustery at times and made the tents rock in a rather alarming manner in the middle of the night. It was fab to spend some time with birdie, especially as I hadn’t met her daughter yet which was pretty appalling as she is over a year old now The Groover seriously kept me entertained. I don’t know how mr and mrs birdie do it. He is so full of beans he exhausting, but I adore him, he is such fun!!

We also went to Hay-on-Wye for the day and spent loads of time wandering around bookshops (this is probably The Mister’s favourite activity of all time) as well as eating the most fabulous ice-cream sundaes.

A lovely few days and a much needed rest in the middle of the madness.
P1010932P1010907Greenbelt!!! Once again we made the annual pilgramage to Cheltenham racecourse to wander aimlessly, listen to talks and music and to spend time sitting in the Tiny Tea Tent or the Beer Tent, chatting with old friends and watching the world go by. In some ways it was a little like returning to the scene of the crime as The Mister and I got together in the Beer Tent last year (photograpic evidence!!!) It was very different doing Greenbelt as part of a couple for the first time. I loved it in so many ways, but it also meant I had to be not so selfish. I guess the nice thing was wandering off to do our own things and then meeting up later. Fabulous stuff.

Highlights for me were seeing Ockham’s Razor which were an aerial gymnastic/circus act. It was absolutely fantastic and well worth seeing!!! The other highlight had to be Beer and Hymns. I love this event so much. The singing is quite divine, the beer is good, and in general people take part in this event with a huge amount of fun, but also a great deal of sincerity. I have never doubted that the people who go to B&H’s really mean what they sing, and in some way it is way more liberating than church. Singing at the top of your voice with several hundred other people is a wonderful experience.

Greenbelt is an amazing place. So much to see and hear, so many friends to pass the time of day with and so much time to think, and be and enjoy.