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Losing Our Religion

My friend William Crawley directed me to a documentary he made about faith in Northern Ireland and this has changed over a period of time. The documentary is called Losing Our Religion and can still be viewed here and is well worth a look.

William’s own story follows through from conversion at a tent mission, to preaching at several churches on a Sunday, to becoming a questioner and ultimately an individual whose faith is based on questions rather than answers. I met William through Peterson Toscano and spent several hours chewing the fat with them both – it was fun and they both made me think a lot.

I was fascinated with this documentary though. Watching William go back to some of his own haunts, re-examine where he has been from and ponder what this might mean him at the moment was really interesting. I wonder where the next stop on this journey will be though.


I have had a really fun day. I took some time owing this afternoon and went to meet my friend William and we went to the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum. The exhibition was fab, but I am ashamed to say that I have never actually been to the British Museum and it absolutely blew me away. The roof is just amazing and generally gorgeous. So, I had a nice day, wandering around and gossiping over a lovely lunch. What more could I want?


The Lambeth Butterflies

Well, I thought I would take a brief interlude away from the Dame of Sark, and tell you about happenings in Lambeth.

I travelled down here with Peterson on Tuesday. A journey which was both straightforward and eventful. On the way down he decided to phone in Jeni Barnett at LBC radio station. She loved him of course. He is such a media whore.

Anyway, whilst down here I am staying with Tractor Girl and Third Party which is lovely.

OK, I can officially say, the Lambeth Conference is a bit weird. Admittedly I am not important enough to go anywhere useful, but there is something strange about seeing so many purple-shirted people wandering about in the same place. They seem very nice, but they look like purple butterflies fluttering around. It’s like being in a butterfly-world type of thing. You know these rare creatures exist, but to see them all together in one place is quite strange.

The other thing that amused me was that there is almost like a bishoply shopping centre here and one of the things that excited me is the beautiful textiles that you can buy. I am such an anorak when it comes to it. I even asked if I could take photos because I thought the colours were so pretty. I am terribly shallow you see!


Anyway, I am very tired at the moment but having fun. Meeting lots of lovely new people, like the lovely William Crawley. We entertained ourselves for a while yesterday, along with Tractor Girl, and Peterson, drinking wine, sharing stories, and in William and my case, a little spot of shopping!!

Anyway, I must rush on. I have to go and collect His Ladyship before he engages in a little more media-whoring.

Ps) For full reports of Peterson’s shows, follow the links to his blog and enjoy 🙂