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Tim Minchin

The Mister and I went to see the most amazing gig on Friday night in Manchester. Tim Minchin was playing with a 57 piece orchestra and it was just an awesome show. I did wonder how well his show would translate into an arena but it was brilliant – outrageous and flamboyant but also strangely moving.

He did lots of my favourite songs, including the the Pope song, the Prejudice song about ginger people. One of my new favourites though is a song called Context – very very clever, he claimed to have the lyrics written out across two different pages, and the first time he sang it through there were gaps in the text, which you didn’t necessarily notice but it made the song sound outrageously homophobic, racist and sexist. The next time he sang it with the second part of each line and it gave it context and made sense. It was soooo clever. I suspect it is quite a new song though as I can’t find it on YouTube.

After two standing ovations he returned to finish the show with this song, “White WIne in the Song”. It truly brought tears to my eyes and thought it was wonderful. We left the arena to find about 3 inches of snow had fallen in the time since the show started. We slid our way back to the station, laughing at the people who were drunk from work dos and slipping and sliding everywhere, and we watched the shadows of the snowflakes falling in the streetlight. I brilliant and gorgeous evening with my lovely Mister.



I am absolutely loving this song. I think Adele’s voice is amazing and the lyrics are awesome. What would you expect from Bob Dylan though?

Enjoy 🙂